Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dog-Blog: Sharing the spotlight...

Today our pup shares the spotlight with a fellow Labrador whose owner stumbled upon my blog. 

Meet Mellow who's around four years old and about 50 lbs.  She's a yellow Lab mix and was a rescue dog.  She lives in Michigan with her owner Mitch and they've been together for three years.
Mellow at play
This photograph was taken at Lake Michigan on Labor Day.

Mellow is also a bit of a celebrity herself, as she features on the Iams pet food and West Paw Design dog toys websites.  She looks every inch a star.

If you'd like your Labrador featured on Jason in Hollywood alongside Cooper, just drop me a line with an adorable picture and some fun details.

Obviously not to be upstaged, here's Cooper in doggie heaven, as he accompanied me to Pet Smart today to get some new puppy food.  
Cooper in dog heaven
He was so well behaved it was a bit unbelievable really (especially as I was having to navigate the store with a trolley and puppy on his leash), but I just think his all his senses were being totally overwhelmed by the aisles of dog food, row upon row of toys and intriguing smells in the store.  Maybe all that training is starting to pay off!

The last time I was at the pet store I left behind a bag of shopping, so today I re-bought the bigger dog bowl and treats I'd left behind, but also managed to buy the wrong puppy food - for 'normal' puppy, rather than 'large breed', so that's me off to Culver City again tomorrow to change it.

Last night Comedian Jeff Ross was the first person to be voted off Dancing with the Stars season seven and tonight we'll find out which contestant will join him in the second of this week's eliminations. 

Anyway, it's week three of puppy training tonight, so just need get myself organised.  Bye for now...

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Zudafan said...

how could that face not make someone smile? :-)

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