Sunday, March 18, 2018

The leaders of the pack at the 2018 L.A. Marathon...

Even though I may not be running the L.A. Marathon this year I always get excited about race day, especially when I get to see the elite runners leading the pack today running down San Vicente Boulevard in West Hollywood just before Mile 15.

2018 LA Marathon leading pack
On Cooper's second morning walk we got to see this year's winners run by, who were Kenya's Welson Kirui for the male elite runners (his second win in three years) and Ethiopia's Sule Utura Gedo for the women's elite runners.
LA Marathon 2018 men leading pack
I also got to see some of my friends who were running the race this year and hoping to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and it seemed like the perfect weather, cool, clear and not too hot.

I really miss running, but one too many marathons has left me with a back injury I just can't shake, so I'm not sure I'll get to run another one in the future.
LA Marathon 2018 women leading pack
At least I'll have all my race day memories from my previous marathons of running L.A. five times, New York twice, Vancouver twice, London, Honolulu and San Francisco once.

Happy race day L.A., and to all those people annoyed that the roads are closed for one morning, take a chill pill...

Sunday, March 4, 2018

10 images for 10 years living in L.A...

What a difference ten years makes. Back on March 4, 2008 we started our amazing journey by moving from London, Britain to L.A., California when a job opportunity presented itself. We've had many adventures since, the majority with our partner in crime our Labrador Cooper, and others with old friends and family visiting, or new friends we've made along the way. I've run twelve marathons, we bought a house in West Hollywood, we got married in July 2013, we've visited Vancouver, Canada, Hawaii, Palm Springs, San Francisco, New York and more since we've lived here and we've tried to enjoy all that Southern California has to offer, the beaches, the cocktails, the outdoor lifestyle, the billboards, the Hollywood costumes, the Hollywood Bowl, West Hollywood's annual Pride and Halloween festivities and more besides. Rather than go into detail, out of it can be found here on my blog, but here's ten images that capture the spirit of our life in L.A. so far.

Puppy Cooper at Sycamore Cove, Ventura County
in February 2009
Labrador Cooper Sycamore Cove

The weekdays in the early years were spent hiking
with Cooper at Runyon Canyon
Labrador Cooper Runyon Canyon

In May 2010 we were invited for a puppy playdate
at a Bel Air swimming pool
Bel Air Labrador Cooper

In ran my first marathon in stormy conditions
in L.A. in 2011
Running rainy 2011 LA Marathon

The highlight of our time here has been when friends
have come to visit us from the U.K.
Stearns Wharf sunset Santa Barbara

Cooper joined in our rooftop wedding day celebrations
on our West Hollywood roof deck in July 2013
WEHO Wedding Day rooftop celebrations

Over the years one of our favourite things to do is visit Hendry's Beach
in Santa Barbara with Cooper
Labrador Cooper Hendry's Beach Santa Barbara

L.A.'s 2017 Pride celebrations turned into a Resist March
and we sported Sesame Street t-shirts to show solitary with PBS
2017 LA PRIDE Resist March

Halloween in West Hollywood is always fun
and in 2017 I decided to get political too as a Liberal Snowflake
Liberal Snowflake costume West Hollywood Halloween

Sunsets are always spectacular in Southern California
Santa Monica sunset
Ten years have flown by and even though the past year has been a nightmare under the current administration, I'm hopeful for the future and look forward to many more great adventures.

They are even throwing a big Oscar party for us today, how did they know?!?

Cooper kisses from West Hollywood...

Friday, March 2, 2018

All-new superhero and sci-fi movie costumes and props on display in L.A...

This past month it was a great time to be a superhero and science fiction fan in L.A., as you would have been able to geek out over fantastic costumes from Marvel Studios solo Black Panther movie and Alex Garland's latest film, Annihilation.

Black Panther movie costume exhibit
at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Black Panther film costume exhibit
Black Panther movie costumes
Black Panther film costumes
I'd seen some of Black Panther's costumes previewed at Disney's D23 Expo last July, but it was great to see some different looks designed by Ruth Carter on display at ArcLight Hollywood before the film opened in cinemas.

Black Panther movie costume exhibit
at El Capitan Theatre
Black Panther movie costume exhibit
Black Panther movie costumes
Black Panther film costumes
I loved the movie, so I also took the opportunity to watch it at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood where you could find even more Black Panther costumes on display.

Annihilation movie costume and props exhibit
at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Annihilation movie costume exhibit
Annihilation plant people props
Meanwhile ArcLight Hollywood also had this cool exhibit of costumes from Natalie Portman's new movie designed by Sammy Sheldon Differ, plus the display also featured some of the plant creature people props used onscreen when a meteor hits the Earth and evolution goes wild in 'The Shimmer' zone.

You can also take a closer look at these Annihilation movie costumes and props on display.

Let's hope the Hollywood costume and prop displays continue throughout the year and if you're a film fashion fan be sure to also check out all the Oscar-nominated costume designs on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum at the moment.

Wakanda Forever...

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