Tuesday, July 9, 2019

An Oregon wedding over the Fourth of July weekend...

This Fourth of July weekend we had a great pleasure to celebrate the marriage of our friends, Petey and Jonathan, in a true celebration of love, family and friendship.

Congratulations Mr & Mr
Mr and Mr wedding cake topper
The wedding weekend also marked our first trip to Oregon and we really loved what we saw, from a barbecue at Oswego Lake to a rehearsal party at Alloro Vineyard and the main event at one of the groom's historical family home in Tigard.
Allison Inn Spa Oregon
We also got to stay at the lovely Allison Inn & Spa, which was a great place to relax, especially when I came down with a migraine the first evening, my first in years (probably because I stood still for five minutes after months of rushing around buying, selling and renovating houses, traveling to the U.K. and everything else in between).
P+J Wedding sign
Fortunately after some recuperation (and strong medication) I was able to enjoy the rest of the festivities at the weekend. And what a weekend.
Oregon Wedding welcome
Oregon itself reminded me very much on Vancouver, B.C. and even Wales with its lush greenery, although it seems to have many more bridges.
Outdoor Wedding chandelier
On this visit we didn't get to see too much, but the travel between venues certainly gave us a glimpse at the local area and I'd love to return in the future.
Oregon Wedding marquee
The wedding events themselves were amazing, emotional and a wonderful occasion to be a part of, coming hot on the heels of Pride Month.
Oregon Wedding marquee
Our wedding was a much smaller affair, as we rushed to Beverly Hills courthouse to tie the knot when marriage equality for same-sex couples was won in America in June 2013.
Alloro Vineyard view Oregon
I can't believe it's almost been six years since we got married, at a fraction of the cost I have to say, and I wouldn't have had it any other way as your wedding day is all about you and what you want.
Wedding rehearsal flowers
This wedding was certainly a wonderfully planned and executed affair, with guests flying in from all around the globe to attend, from Britain, New Zealand, France and Australia.
Alloro Vineyard cat
A lovely weekend was had by all with good food, wine, new friends and old, even if the vineyard's cat was less than impressed with the goings-on.
Alloro Vineyard evening view
As a gay man growing up I never thought marriage would be an option, especially as I'm not particularly religious, but it's certainly heartwarming to see our friends achieve their dreams and be able to celebrate their love in such a way with all their family and friends.

Love wins...

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