Monday, January 6, 2020

Fascinated by Palm Spring's Isabelle sculpture...

Every time I go to Palm Springs it seems I discover something new as I get to know my new neighbourhood in the desert.

Isabelle sculpture by Julian Voss-Andreae
Isabelle sculpture Palm Springs
In recent times its been mountain trails and over-sized babies, and over the holiday season I got to capture some images of Downtown Palm Springs relatively new sculpture by Julian Voss-Andreae, 'Isabelle'.
Isabelle sculpture Palm Springs
The German sculptor is a former Quantum Physicist and that totally makes sense with this outdoor art which plays with space, dimension and visual spectacle.
Isabelle sculpture face
I discovered it last year (still feels strange to be saying that as it's only January) after dining at the Il Corso Italian eatery along North Palm Canyon Drive, nestled in between the restaurant and the new Kimpton Hotel in Palm Springs.
Isabelle sculpture Julian Voss-Andreae Palm Springs
The see-through stainless steel beauty really is quite captivating and looks different from every angle, back, front and sides.
Isabelle sculpture Palm Springs
It's also walking distance from Palm Springs wonderful Art Museum, which is full of contemporary sculptures and art to my liking.
Isabelle sculpture Palm Springs
The redevelopment of the Downtown area certainly is bringing some new sights to the desert resort town in the Coachella Valley (although I'm hoping it doesn't just become another party town like Las Vegas).
Isabelle sculpture Palm Springs
If you like public art, maybe you'd like a glimpse of some of my favourite outdoor sculptures spied on my travels throughout L.A., San Francisco, Vancouver, London, New York, Santa Barbara and even Palm Springs.
Isabelle sculpture back
I'm looking forward to seeing what sculptures pop up next, although I've heard a rumour that the giant Marilyn Monroe statue is sitting in a warehouse waiting to make her triumphant return to Palm Springs in the future.
Isabelle sculpture back Palm Springs
After returning to the craziness of Los Angeles following the festive season, I have to say I'm already looking forward to escaping back to the desert as soon as possible...

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