Monday, August 3, 2020

Ringo Starr's Peace and Love sculpture in Beverly Hills...

I've come to realize in recent weeks that all I've been posting on this blog is pictures of billboards and not much else. It's also apparent that aside from some decent leadership, PPE supplies and empathy from this current administration, we could all use some Peace and Love in our lives.

Peace and Love sculpture by Ringo Starr
Ringo Starr Peace and Love sculpture Beverly Hills
For several months I've driven past this gleaming new steel sculpture in Beverly Gardens Park and not take the time to stop and admire it, but with time on my hands during this quarantine and wanting a break from my car and computer I decided to stop and check it out.
Ringo Starr Peace and Love sculpture
Originally rejected by Beverly Hills for not being 'fine art' enough for their tastes, the 800-pound sculpture of Ringo Starr's hand giving the peace sign now has a new home in this park of his adoptive town since last year.
Peace and Love sculpture Ringo Starr Beverly Hills
The 8-foot-tall artwork by The Beatles drummer is designed to spread the message of peace and love, and I'm sure in normal times would be another favourite tourist attraction for those who like to have their picture taken with the Beverly Hills Lily Pond sign in the park.
Ringo Starr John Varvatos Peace Rocks billboard
Here's also a L.A. billboard for the 80-year-old rocker displaying the peace sign for fashion designer John Varvatos back in August 2014.
Ringo Starr Peace and Love sculpture Beverly Gardens Park
I'm a huge fan of outdoor public art (although at the moment we have better things to be spending our money on, like helping those affected by the coronavirus pandemic), but I always believe great art can lift your spirit and let's face it, we need that at this moment in time more than ever.
Peace and Love Ringo Starr sculpture
Beverly Gardens Park contains a bevy of contemporary sculptures, so be sure to also check out some of the other recent additions (photographed over the past twelve years) to the outdoor space along Santa Monica Boulevard.

Britain's infamous Prime Minister Winston Churchill was also a fan of the V sign when it meant 'V for victory' during World War II, so just like we beat Nazis then (and need to continue to do now), let's hope we be victorious over COVID-19 soon.
Peace and Love sculpture
There's only 92 days until the next U.S. Presidential Election so you just know the next few weeks and months are going to get even crazier.

So look after yourselves physically and mentally, be kind, show gratitude, wear a mask, keep social distancing and together we can get through this and enjoy more peace and love in the future.

All we need is love, and peace, and more love...