Friday, March 7, 2008

Day 4 in the Big Hollywood House...

First off let me apologise for what is probably going to be a somewhat lengthy first entry in my fabulous new blog. It's my first day with internet access and as I'm finding without a car in L.A. you're pretty much housebound as they have no pavements here (or is that sidewalks?), so it makes it really hard to get from A to B.
LA palm tree

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. It's Friday and day 4 of our new adventure and I've just made a nice cuppa (although it doesn't taste quite the same, even though I brought a small stash of Twinings with us).

I can imagine the main question you're asking is have we spotted any celebs yet....well after sitting next to nasty Grace from Big Brother at Balans in Soho before I left and seeing Anton Du Bec of Strictly Come Dancing Fame at High Road House in Chiswick on the Monday night before we left.....unfortunately 'NO' we haven't met George Clooney, Brad Pitt or found Britney in the gutter.....YET!!
High Road House bedroom
High Road House was lovely and the perfect tonic to an exhausting leaving day (washing windows, wiping down cupboards and cleaning like a demon) -this is a pic of the room we stayed in, so cool!

Speaking of cool, we used up our Cowshed vouchers at Shoreditch House on Saturday - now that is a cool place and we hope that when they open the new Soho House equivalent in LA at the end of 2008 it will help make up for the fact we're not able to use their roof pool for a couple of years!
Moving luggage
Anyway, back on track. After a great sleep we woke on Tuesday 4 March and loaded up all our luggage (as you can see we travel light) which has to last us the next 6-8 weeks.

We flew business class on our one-way tickets probably for the last time (sob!) on quite an empty plane (and bonus, we didn't have to pay for the extra luggage weight), so of course we sampled their Champagne for most of the flight!!!

After initially being disappointed that 'Juno' wasn't showing on the London to LA leg of the journey funnily enough 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' (admit it Hannah, you will miss our cinema visits) and 'Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium' and a few hours of Nintendo DS kept me amused!!

After a pleasant 12 hour flight you can imagine how I felt when I was told at immigration that I'd have to get back on a flight to London....anyway, moving on swiftly not to spoil the mood, slightly jaded and jet-lagged we picked up our hire car and headed onto the crazy freeway (oh my god, I've got to drive on that?!?!).

Burbank Bungalow

Thanking the wonder of our new U.S. Tom-Tom we arrived in Burbank and picked up the keys to our temporary abode from Disney Studio HQ and drove around the corner to our bungalow.

It's all very quaint and American in feel and we're told by our relocation agent that we'll be spoiled living here when we come to find our rented accommodation (not sure if she's referring to the space we have or the weekly maid and gardener?!?). But they could definitely use some hints and tips to bring the decor into the 00's - maybe they should visit (*see what I did there - the visits you'll get from me, one word.... commission).

Anyway, we dropped our our bags and wanting to keep going popped to Vons, the local supermarket or grocery store. OH MY GOD - how confusing, how many types of milk can you have - low-fat, reduced fat, added-vitamins, no-added vitamins.......we just want some MILK!!!! I think the combination of tiredness and the rows and rows of unknown foods (how many aisles of cakes??) overwhelmed us - so we grabbed the essentials - vodka, toilet rolls and a 'healthy' pizza (which I nearly burnt in our electric oven).
Burbank living room
My biggest dilemma on Wednesday was how to split my time between sitting in the sunshine and watching the all-day TV marathon of Project Runway: Season 4 - how great is that show?? Managed to beat the jet-lag to watch the 10pm season finale.

Thank god for the Bravo channel I say - Make me a Supermodel is equally good viewing - although I have to say there is sooooooo much product placements in these shows, it's obscene!!

Anyway after all day indoors on Wednesday I bravely ventured out on my own on Thursday to investigate the local area. Let's just say Burbank is not very 'Hollywood' and I think I saw more squirrels than actual people!! I managed to find my way to another local store - not sure how as I walked on the road most of the time (did I mention there are no pavements over here?) and bought such thrilling essentials as kitchen foil and asparagus - how glamorous I bet you're thinking. Again, no Britney here, but there were some sights.....

So it's Friday and after a morning jog that nearly killed me (it's hard running in this heat, especially when you haven't been to the gym for a while) I'm finally back online after being rescued by a new internet cable-thingy for the modem and here I am boring you all senseless!!!

Ideal Home customised leaving card for Jason

CONGRATULATIONS if you've made it this far, hope I've not scared you off - come back again for another thrilling installment from the newest blog from the West Coast - I promise before long I'll have more Hollywood celeb gossip than you can shake a squirrel at!!


Fran├žois said...

4 days after arriving for a first news that's not too bad !
You don't know me but I used to work in the same building as Charlie.
Good to see that you settled down ok.

No wonders you didn't meet anyone when walking to the supermarket, it's just that americans don't walk but take their 4x4 to go shopping ;-)

Take care guys !
Will keep reading your whereabouts every now and then.

Francois from London.

Rosie said...

Brilliant idea Jason.

'Beware of falling coconuts from lone palm trees',


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