Friday, March 14, 2008

Finding Nemo the Musical...I kid you not!!

So here's part deux of our Floridian adventure and after all the excitement and thrills and spills (or soakings) of roller-coasters and stunt spectaculars I thought you'd appreciate a change of pace, especially as it's the weekend.

Yes it's time for something slightly gentler, the innocent guilty pleasures you all secretly like, but are afraid to's confession time!Finding Nemo The Musical
My confession is that we saw and thoroughly enjoyed Finding Nemo: The Musical at Animal Kingdom and the 45 minute spectacular of puppets, colour, song and feel-good factor brought a happy tear to my eye.
Mickey Hat and High School Musical Parade
The only thing about the star of the show, Nemo, is that in their efforts to find a boy-like lead they used a petite actress to play the small boy (fish) role and hence ensued a slightly 'Jimmy Krankie' feel and unfortunately once you've got that image in your head, it's hard not to think that little Nemo won't be spouting "fandabidozi" at any moment!
High School Musical 2 Live
Another guilty pleasure has to be High School Musical and the Wildcats parade I saw at Hollywood Studios in the dazzling sunshine was fab and had adults and kids alike transfixed and was a real crowd pleaser with it's American wholesomeness!Safari Pluto
I also caught some of the different Disney character parades with all your favourites and mine - Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy and more. My that Mickey manages to get around and seems to have an outfit for every occasion!
Donald Duck
We also made sure to take in the Kilamanjaro Animal Safari and saw elephants, crocodiles, hippos, lions, flamingos and lots of antelope types (who needs to go to Africa, eh?), but sadly the giraffes were apparently sleeping (must be all that standing around all day).
Rhinos on safari

Finally just to round up my Disney report just a few words to say how picturesque and well maintained the resort we stayed at was - they had teams literally repainting and repairing each day to maintain the pristine look and feel of the place.

Pink flamingos

Overall it was a fun place to spend a few days and as you all know I can be quite a cynic and not at all a Disney person at times! So have I convinced you yet? You'll find more photos on Facebook, but I promise I'm not on commission.

Elephants on parade
So back to reality then and on Friday I was mostly catching up on household chores (it's hard being a man-o-leisure you know!), and I tried not to shrink all our washing in the huge, almost industrial size, washing machine and tumble dryer, battled with the air-conditioning unit (changing it every time it got too hot or too cold) and playing with the In-Sink-Erator (what a great name) and trying not to shred my fingers to bits!!

Plus we've yet to work out what rubbish (garbage?) to put into each of the three bins we have. There's a green one for garden waste, so that's quite easy, a blue one for recycling plastic bottles, glass and newspapers (although not sure if you can recycle cardboard or magazines?), then a third black bin for dry waste.
Yacht Club beach

Apparently all other food stuff goes down the garbage disposal, so am sure it won't be too long before I've broken that!!

My final nugget of the day that is currently amusing us is how you get your bags packed for you at the Supermarket - it seems quite alien to us Brits and there have been a few eyebrows raised when we've tried to help out, but it makes us chuckle!
Rhino backside goodbye
And finally who can resist a closing bum shot, luckily not mine.....don't be a stranger!

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