Sunday, March 9, 2008

First celebrity sighting and it's desperate...

Teri Hatcher at Tommy Rays, Studio CityOK, start getting excited I've spotted my first official Hollywood bonafide celebrity......drum roll please.........she's desperate and she's super, she's Teri Hatcher!!

Imagine our surprise today when we popped to Tommy Rays on 12345 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City (how cool is that address!) with our friends Mike and Richard and literally before our eyes we saw the lovely Teri and a mystery man (quite good looking, but not Ryan Seacrest).
Teri Hatcher eating at Tommy Rays, Studio City
For those of you not in the know, Teri is one of the stars of Desperate Housewives, was once a Bond girl with Pierce Brosnan (Tomorrow Never Dies) and starred in Lois & Clark: The new adventures of Superman TV series (1993-97).

They may not be the best of pics, but what do you expect from a Motorola Razr mobile phone camera. It was all very cloak and dagger and I tried to not be too obvious. I can confirm she is very skinny in person (especially her legs), but was fairly pretty and wore her sun glasses a lot - how's that for cutting edge journalism?!? She was also eating - shock horror. From my vantage point it looked like a salad and lots of water - you can't get this is HEAT, can you?!?

In other news, went for another run today. Managed to last about 30 minutes, but heat so intense, makes it hard to breath. We also attempted to master our washing machine and dryer! Like everything here, it's massive, very industrial. We seem to have washed everything without ruining it so far, but the dryer seems to have two settings - no heat and mega-heat, so be prepared for some shrunken clothes coming soon!

Anyway, will keep it brief today, as I can tell you'll be sooooooo excited about the celeb news bombshell. Tomorrow we fly to Orlando and return late Thursday night, so be prepared for another exciting installment from Jason in Hollywood (copyright 2008) on Friday, although Mickey and Minnie may be the only celebs we bump into in Florida, but you never know.....

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Reggie said...

Cmon Jason, Terry Hatcher was wasted on the kids. They look forward to Uncle J's hollywood blog. Its better than GMTV. However they tell me that any newshound worth his salt should be able to get photos of the real stars namely Mickey, Donald, Pluto and Woody from Toy Story. Any chance of this by next time!!

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