Saturday, March 8, 2008

I can't believe it's not milk.......

American Milk Carton
I thought I'd open this entry with a very exciting image to really grip you and want to keep on reading.....when I couldn't find one, I thought I'd show you a picture of the milk we bought the other day.

You'll be pleased to know that this milk is made from cows that have NOT been treated with growth hormone - phew, that put my mind at rest!!

In other great news, we've got our new Vons supermarket loyalty card which entitles us about 10% off our food we're really rocking now (and stretching that almighty dollar further). I think we've spent more time in supermarkets in the past few days than anywhere else!

It's evening here and we've had a nice Saturday. Our new Disney neighbour (literally in the next door bungalow) took us out for brunch at Mel's Drive-in diner in Hollywood, which is a really authentic and in the middle of the tourist district, just round the corner from Mann's Chinese Theatre and all the hands in the cement!

My daily celeb gossip for you today is that we drove past the NBC building where they film the Jay Leno Tonight Show and saw a huge queue - unfortunately it was huge for all the wrong reasons. Can you say 'supersize me?!?' Let's just say the people queuing for the audience could have fit at least 2, if not 3 of me in into each of them, so I kept my distance for fear of being gobbled up!

Just to make you all jealous, the sun was shining so much today and we found ourselves popping to Rodeo Drive to Neiman Marcus to buy Charlie a new watch - it's lovely but we're in that horrid transition period when we'll no longer be paid in lovely £pounds£, but instead in half-price $dollars$.

Hope you've liked my little tweaks to my blog - I've added 2 clocks to show US vs UK time zones. Plus I've set up traffic tracking on the site - Calm Tech eat your heart out!!

Anyway I'm making it a short one today as jet-lag is kicking in again, plus the clocks go forward tonight here in the States, so we'll lose an hour.

Plus we're off to see Mickey Mouse in Orlando, Florida on Monday so we'll be out by another 3 hours then, so need our beauty sleep (no comments thank you!).
Mickey Mouse pictureA bottle of red wine (we're trying out a local Napa Valley Cabernet), a pack of peanut M&Ms and Bravo TV awaits......

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