Friday, March 21, 2008

It's hard being a house-husband.....

Contrary person that I am, now that it's Easter time my mind has turned to work - especially now that I'm not, working that is!

Maybe it's because I miss all the SouthBank department chocolate and biscuit treats (I certainly miss the people - well, I've got to keep you all reading somehow!), or maybe it's because my daily dilemmas are now less about how to stretch my marketing budget or how to please my Editor (answers on a postcard for that one...), but rather can I put a pineapple down the garbage disposal!?! This is important stuff people!!

Amazingly enough, I'm not the size of a house yet (although I am enjoying all the American TV), but not being in the office to be tempted by all those tasty snacks really helps.
Our back garden in BurbankEven though it's 82 degrees in the Valley today I still managed a good 25 minute jog (trying to take it easy after my cold) and to be even healthier I thought I'd better have some of the pineapple that had been sitting in the fridge since we got here.

The fruit and veg here is so temptingly displayed at the supermarket. It's all perfectly laid out, the minute something is taken someone is there to line up the limes or make a perfect row of tomatoes. There's a fine water mist that's sprayed over the lettuces to keep them cool and looking fresh (although god knows what's in the water!).

But don't worry, even though we're trying to eat more fresh fruit we haven't converted into total heath freaks yet - we're not sending away bread at the table when we go out to eat in restaurants, like most Californians seem to least not yet anyway!!

Apparently we'll be having a scorcher of a time the next few days for the holidays here in the 'Valley', which is where you'll find Burbank i.e. between the mountain ranges, away from the coast, in the eastern region of the San Fernando Valley, north of Downtown Los Angeles.

There's a lot of history here in Burbank, once acres of ranch land, by the 1950's one fifth of all motion pictures made in the United States came out of Burbank. In addition to movies, Burbank is also famous for aviation and in the mid 1920's the Lockheed Aircraft Company built a production plant near 'Turkey's Crossing' and by the time the U.S. entered World War II employed 94,000 people, producing 19,000 planes!! Lockheed closed its operations in the 1990's, but as you know the film and TV industry is still huge here and Burbank is still home to Warner, Disney, NBC and more (which is the very reason we are here).

You see, you learn something new everyday here. If I can't give you daily celeb gossip yet, I can at least give you an idea of where we're living and how different it all seems from the UK.
Jason poolside at the Mondrian Hotel
Well enough for now, best get back out in that garden and top up my tan...(here's a pic from a few months ago when we were staying at the Mondrian on Sunset Boulevard, on our very first recon mission, thought it fit the holiday mood).

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