Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's a jungle out there....

Lipstick Jungle poster on NBC Building
Walking past the NBC studios today I couldn't resist snapping a shot of the poster for their tv series, Lipstick Jungle, apparently touted as the new Sex and the City, written by Candace Bushnell and arriving on UK shores soon via Living tv.

So I thought I'd give all my girlie friends the inside scoop on this fashion friendly series, as this Thursday 20th March is the season finale over here in the U.S.

The show stars Brooke Shields, Kim Raver (of 24 fame) and someone I don't think many of us will know from Beverly Hills 90210, Lindsay Price, and most importantly of all top totty seems to come in the form of Robert Buckley. I'll let you all know if the show is worth all the fuss!

I do really love the way they promote their TV series and films out here. There seem to be big poster sites everywhere, especially around the studio lots and even more so around Oscar, Golden Globe and awards time.

On another totally unconnected note, it's amazing how you can fill your days out here - from sorting out bank appointments, to food shopping and playing in Scrabulous tournaments! I think I've come to the realisation, that no matter how much I like playing, I'm not that good at Scrabulous, and I no longer have the excuse of rushing because of worrying about who's looking over my shoulder at work!!House of Secrets Comic Shop, Burbank

After driving past it yesterday, my mission today was to walk to my new neighbourhood comic shop, the catchily titled - The House of Secrets.

So no more need for Charlie to drive me to Meltdown Comics on West Sunset Blvd every Wednesday (yes, that's right folks, over here in the States you get your comics a whole day earlier!!).

To my delight I even found a much sought after tome, almost the holy grail of the Marvel Masterworks set, X-men vol. 4 - after searching fruitlessly for it in the UK and L.A. for months and refusing to pay up to £120 Marvel Masterworks X-men Vol.4for it on Ebay, now my collection is complete!!

You see I will convert you all into comic readers in the end! It's where all the blockbusters are coming from these days - Sin City, 300, Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman, Superman, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man...(ok, maybe that list won't convince most of you).

Anyway, we're off to Firefly, a nice restuarant in Studio City tonight to quiz our friends some more on all things American, like taxes and medical care and other such exciting things, plus maybe to drown our sorrows with our on-going visa issues.

So I'll leave you with a fab pic of the mouse house that Snow White built (this is at Disney HQ and not the theme parks), you don't see this kind of architecture in London...Walt Disney HQ, Burbank

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Rosie said...

why is there only six dwarfs holding up the building? mmmmmmm

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