Thursday, March 20, 2008

Learning to drive is hard...

Brighton Street sign, BurbankToday the theme of my blog is driving, mainly because it's what I need to do the most to make the most of being here in L.A.

With that in mind I'm trying to knuckle down to studying my Californian highway code. I even took a mock test paper today and got 18 out of 27 questions correct (and it was multiple choice), not so good I know, but I did get 9 out of 10 for my road signs!!

Speaking of signs, this one made me laugh, who'd have thought that Brighton would be just around the corner.

I also think having my driver's licence I'll be one step closer to getting you those insider Hollywood scoops. So my action plan for the coming weeks is:

  1. Ace my written driver test
  2. Pass my practical driving test
  3. Get my new car
  4. Find our puppy (to lure those stars in)
  5. Snap away with my camera
In other news I'm bouncing back from my cold, although I have a sneaking suspicion it may have morphed into hayfever, but hopefully I'll be back doing my daily run around Burbank tomorrow.

Tonight we'll be glued to a new episode of 'Make me a Supermodel' on Bravo, but unfortunately for Charlie there's no relaxing until the end of the week as we don't get Easter Bank Holidays here.

So enjoy your Easter weekend and I'll see you soon...

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