Sunday, April 13, 2008

An afternoon in West Hollywood...

To relax and unwind after my driving lesson on Saturday we popped into West Hollywood for a late lunch at one of our favourite lunch spots, Cafe D'etoile.
West Hollywood Pride flagsWalking down the street the breeze was like a hair dryer was blowing on you, the temperature in the 90's, but after a few Kir Royals and a bite to eat we soon chilled out.

As 35% of you thought we should live in West Hollywood, we thought we'd take another walk around the neighbourhood after lunch to get a feel for the place.

We took a stroll down Melrose Avenue and walked past the Pacific Design Center (that's with an 'er', not 're' - we're in the U.S. now and the land of 'American English').
Pacific Design Center Blue building
Used by the professional interior designers, architects and decorators alike these cool looking buildings house the "West Coast's largest resource for the fine traditional and contemporary contract and residential furniture, fabrics, floorcoverings, architectural products, wallcoverings, lighting, kitchen and bath products and accessories." It also hosts special events, exhibitions, screenings and more.

After that we took in a few more sights of the local area and had a further drive around, all so we're prepared for our house-hunting session this coming Friday.
Pacific Design Center Green building
Anyway, we're sat here on Sunday night watching a new episode of season four Desperate Housewives (starring my celebrity buddy, Teri Hatcher). Even though we've not seen the first half of this season, so we are a tad confused with some of the plot lines, they still seem vaguely familiar.
Aussie Bum billboard on Santa Monica Blvd
As we're so entertained I'll tell you all about our trip to Paradise Cove in Malibu in tomorrow's blog installment, but I'll leave you with one of our 'sights' from our excursion in West Hollywood - a taste of Australia...

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