Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I should write a book...

Overwhelmingly you voted that you would write a book if you didn't have to Michael Connelly's The Overlook US edition book coverwork for the next three years. Almost 50% of you thought it would be a good way to spend your free time.

On the subject of books (he says as subtly as a sledgehammer), I'm currently reading one of the latest in paperback by one of my favourite crime authors, Michael Connelly. Along with Jeffrey Deaver and James Patterson, you're always guaranteed a solid and engaging read with him.

The book is The Overlook and is another chapter in the life of LAPD detective Harry Bosch (there's around 13 or 14 of them I think, plus other stand alone crime novels).

Aside from great writing and characterisation, I always liked this series of books because they are based in Los Angeles. And look, lo and behold here I am in the very same place and driving around the very same streets that were mentioned in the books - Mulholland Drive especially springs to mind.

I'm not sure if I should be worried or not that all the places I've read about in the past were usually the scene of grisly murders and other dastardly goings on, I'm sure it's perfectly safe (he says tongue firmly in cheek).

Actually it gives me a bit of a buzz to be visiting the scenes of those crimes and gives a different perspective on the stories. Now I understand how traffic never moves on the L.A. freeways (just how does Jack Bauer in 24 get around so quickly, what part of L.A. is he driving in??), about coyotes being in your back yard and just where to go if you want to shoot someone in the head on a dark night (obviously that's a joke...).

Anyway, I'm sure I'll like this latest installment once I get stuck into it and if you need a recommendation for a summer read, why not start with The Black Echo, his first Harry Bosch novel.

So what else would you guys do with your time? Well 14% said they'd buy a puppy (hopefully we can check that one off the list soon), whilst 8% of you would study for a degree or just simply go with the flow.

Now that I'm in the magical land of Hollywood, I was surprised that no one voted to embark on acting classes, learn a new language or take up singing lessons.

Jason in Hollywood wrapped up for winter karaokeJason in Hollywood - A star is born, just waiting for his call back!
Jason in Hollywood does Karaoke, just not very well!
I'm not sure if the last one is a reflection of my singing talents the most, as my friends will tell you I am a fabulous karaoke singer. That is, if by fabulous you mean 'A for effort' and 'Z for talent'.Jason in Hollywood tries his best to sing like a professional, but fails miserably every time!
Jason in Hollywood shows off his tamborine skills to Cher's 'Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves'

Note to friends: I have edited all photos to spare you any unnecessary embarrassment in front of my hordes of worldwide fans. I on the other hand think if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? You have to be so careful these days, especially as we're now living in the U.S. where people sue you at the drop of the hat - they're very nice, but awfully litigious!

And on that note (get it?), bye for now...
p.s. just remembered, my prediction was right - Marlee Matlin was asked to leave the dancefloor on Dancing with the Stars last night!

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