Thursday, April 10, 2008

I survived my first driving lesson on the 'wrong' side of the road...

Not a through road sign...or is that driving on the 'right' side?

Well as we're not in Britain anymore and we are on American soil, it is indeed the right-hand side of the road.

Guess what? Surprisingly it wasn't the most painful two hours of my life. In fact, without having to think about changing gears I actually enjoyed it.

Having said that, we did drive on some of the quietest residential streets in L.A. I hardly saw a squirrel, let alone a pedestrian or another car. Well it wasn't that quiet, but it helped not being thrown straight into the deep end of a busy rush hour.

Don't ask me what type of car it was, all I know is that it was black (I'll try and find out next time).

I think I did OK. I didn't crash once or run a red light or kill anyone, which is always a bonus.
Painted STOP sign on road
I also had to concentrate with my driving instructor talking constantly for the whole two hours. I know she was helping with the rules of the road and I know I need to be able to multi-task when I'm driving, but I was exhausted when we were finished.

Anyway, I'm alive (and more importantly so is everyone else) and my next lesson is booked in for Saturday morning.

Bring it on.....

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