Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jason in Hollywood finally makes it to the beach...

Jason in Hollywood logo in the sand
After four long weeks of celebrity sightings, audiences with movie directors and enjoying the glamour of L.A. life, Jason in Hollywood finally makes it to the beach.
Surfers in the ocean in Santa MonicaI'm obviously a sailor at heart as I love being by the sea, or the Pacific Ocean even. On Saturday afternoon we headed down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and stopped off to have a stroll along the beach, get the sand between our toes, roll up our jeans (but still manage to get them soaking wet - nothing ever changes!!) and dip a toe into the ocean.
Classic lifeguard hut
Don't be fooled by the sunshine and surfers in the ocean - it was bloody cold in that water (and that was just my feet!). The beach was relatively quiet apart from a few people jogging, playing volleyball or families enjoying the weather (but sadly no dogs allowed).
Santa Monica ocean view
I can imagine in the height of summer the beach being rammed. Hence the 'Baywatch' style lifeguard huts all along the coast, most of then closed now and without 'The Hoff' or a Pammy to watch over the crowds of sun worshippers.
Wading bird

You know it's quite hard to walk in sand, but it's a great feeling. The sand was soft and warm and it was lovely to stroll along in the sunshine (which seems slightly at odds with the snow in the UK back home).

For those not in-the-know, Santa Monica is a coastal city in Los Angeles County. To get there, rather than driving on the freeway we drove the scenic route down Sunset Boulevard and through infamous Beverly Hills and Bel Air, plus Brentwood and UCLA.

Long beaked bird

South of Santa Monica is Venice and Marina Del Rey, to the north west further up the coastline is Malibu - I can't wait to explore all of them.

We met some feathered friends wading in the ocean as we strolled along - there weren't any squirrels to be seen!

Santa Monica beach life

Unfortunately we didn't find any sea shells to braid in our hair, a la 'Monica' in Friends, but it was great to be by the ocean and it's just one of the advantages of moving here to America's gorgeous West Coast.

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