Friday, April 4, 2008

Make me a Supermodel....and the winner is!

Make me a Supermodel, USA logo
Good old Bravo TV's Make me a Supermodel. It's kept us entertained for the last few weeks we've been here in the States and now it's all over (apart from the countless repeats and daily marathons no doubt). And the USA winner is...

Holly Kiser, Make me a Supermodel 2008 USA winner21 year old Holly Kiser from Coeburn, Virginia. We like Holly, she's been sweet and consistent throughout the contest (winning 3 challenges) and has had to put up with a lot from the nasty boys in the last few weeks when she was the only girl left.

She's been transformed from 'Little Miss Bob' to 'Playful Pixie' haircut. She seems genuinely nice, although a little hillbilly hicksville - her family likes to indulge in a bit of squirrel gravy (after they've shot them!!), so no doubt she'd love my blog!!

She beat off robotic Ben (with serious marriage issues - he really didn't seem that pleased to see his wife after 3 months), arrogant Perry (whose girlfriend, Amanda Pagel, who he lives with in L.A., has been caught up in all kinds of Britney Spears scandal, allegedly sleeping with her British boyfriend, Adnan) and my favourite All-American model, Ronnie, who had a kind of man crush on Ben the whole series, the two of them dubbed 'Bronnie'.

after the transformation - Holly Kiser's pixie haircut

So, what will we do on Thursday nights now that it's over I hear you ask. Well, it's not as good, but Bravo's Step it up & Dance will have to do. It started last night and it's hosted by blast-from-the-past Showgirls, Elizabeth Berkley, so how can it not be good...

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