Thursday, April 24, 2008

On the one hand I have a maid, on the other I have no salary...

I know life is so tough, but hear me out, I'm not a total snob.

Thursday is the day the maid comes to clean our temporary accommodation, so the dilemma for me is what time will she come and what can I do to get out of her way. In the seven weeks we've being staying here in Burbank, California, she's arrived either at 9am on the dot or alternatively from 2.30pm onwards.
Burbank Rancho Equestrian neighbourhood signAs you can imagine it's hard to know what to do for the best, as I hate to think that she has to clean around me. We never had a cleaner in London and we're perfectly capable of cleaning a two bedroom flat ourselves, so I feel a bit awkward when she comes to clean.

Add to that the fact that her English isn't very good (oh how I wish I'd studied Spanish and not Italian in my last few weeks at work!) and Thursday's can be a bit odd.

To remedy this situation I've tried to get out of the house - either booking a driving lesson, going to the supermarket, for a run or to watch a film. Today I was up and out early, deciding to go for a walk around the neighbourhood as we're only here for another week and a half and take a few photos with Charlie's super-duper digital camera (so basically looking like a total tourist!).

Then I came back at around 11am (she still hadn't been) and decided to rush over to Downtown Burbank to catch the 12.05 showing of the new comedy, Baby Mama. I just made it in time, my feet are still sore (note to self: must get some new trainers), but imagine my surprise when I discovered that the cinema was still closed and that the 12.05 showing was actually after midnight tonight!!!

Oh how I laughed...
Warner Bros cartoon character wall muralI could have waited around for another hour or so to watch something else, but the early showing would have been ideal. We've been invited to a cheese & wine tasting by our new landlords at our imminent West Hollywood pad tonight to introduce us to our new neighbours (which is very thoughtful), so I didn't want to be rushing back later on.

Guess who showed up about five minutes after I'd walked in the door? So here I am again, trying not to get under foot.

Anyway, back to my other statement, about not having a monthly salary anymore. Now that we've relocated and our safety blanket in our temporary accommodation is nearly over, we're about to start spending money again kitting out our new home.

We're not really sure how much everything is going to cost and now that Charlie is being paid in dollars, rather than pounds (doh!) and on a weekly basis it's hard to get a handle on what disposable income we'll have once we start paying for utility bills, cable/internet/phone bundles, food and unfortunately for maid-less me, cleaning products!

We've gone from being DINKYs - dual (or double) income, no kids, to a SINKY - single income, no kids (but with a high maintenance boyfriend and puppy on the way!).
Gaylord Drive - we don't live here, but could you imagine if we did!I'm sure we'll be OK once we're settled. It is strange suddenly not having my own income now (as well as not going in to work five days a week), maybe I will end up having to write a best-selling book to fund my Hollywood lifestyle!!

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