Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One driving test down, one to go...

Glendale DMV entrance signGreat news! Charlie passed his Californian driving test first time. Hoorah - break out the champagne!

Now we can start applying for loans and buy a new car, as you need a Californian DMV licence to get credit here (we do at least!)

One down and one more to go, mine. I had a better driving lesson on Tuesday, compared to Monday, and I've booked my driving exam, but I'm going to keep you Dancing with the Stars USA season 6 posterall in suspense until I take it.

I finally know what type of car it is, aside from black. It's a Mustang. Still means nothing to me though.

Also cause for celebration is that I accurately predicted that Priscilla Presley would be voted off Dancing with the Stars last night. Also in the bottom two with her was Cristian de la Fuente.

Actually last night we were channel hopping at the same time to see the season finale of NBC's The Biggest Loser.

No, its not to find the biggest waste of space in America, but it's actually a fab weight loss competition and we've caught it the last few weeks on Tuesday nights, whilst waiting for 'Stars' to start.

BEFORE picture of Ali - Biggest Loser Season 5 winnerThe series winner was Ali, the first ever female 'Biggest Loser' and she lost 112 lbs, going from 234 lbs to 122 lbs.

Take a look at this before picture (she's on the left and her mum on the right, they entered as a team) and just look at the after pic.

It's amazing what months of hard work, personal trainers and eating right can do!!AFTER picture of Ali - Biggest Loser Season 5 winner

In other news, my blog is now ranked 2,461,872 on Technorati. Still a long way to go until world domination I know, but it is up from 4.9 million and has also been featured again on, which is great.

Finally, yet another squirrel picture (23% of you said you wanted more). This time taken in the branches of the massive palm tree behind our bungalow.

I think we're off to visit a fellow L.A. transplant (as we are called) from London in Pasadena tonight, so better go and shower as am still sweaty from my run (nice, I know). Don't forget to vote in the new poll and let me know what you'd do if you didn't have to work for three years!Squirrel in palm tree in Burbank

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J said...

I found your blog via Metblogs.

Also, credit is a bugger. You can't get credit, 'cos you've never had credit. Don't try to get credit (and fail) too many times, 'cos that counts against you. Get yourself a crappy credit card (my first credit card had a $250 limit. If I had $250 in a savings account linked to the card.)

I bought a car through - they used my UK credit to give me a loan, but most won't. Even though it's the same company (Experian) you can't transfer your credit history.

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