Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Praise the lord for squirrels...

Firstly I have to apologise for the quality of some of the images in this entry, but when we saw this show flicking through the TV channels last night we roared with laughter and I just had to grab my camera to capture it for you all to enjoy.
Preacher lady with pink wigIt's from one of those TV preacher channels asking for money via the power of TV. I mean who wouldn't give money to a woman wearing a big bouffant pink wig and looking like a stand-in for Miss Piggy??

I think we should all call now and pledge to the Ministry that her daddy set up, praise the lord.

Surely this is a candidate for 'What not to Wear' or 'Miss Drag Queen America', or maybe I'm just being unjustly decide!
Pray with us for a makeoverYes, you are not mistaken, that is infact Jesus and your eyes do not deceive you, that's a holy camel in the background. But not just any camel, no, a man in a camel suit. Now that's quality. How devoted must you be to wear that?!? No wonder they are all praying....
I can't believe they made me wear this camel suit on TV
Yesterday was our fourth week of being here on American soil (granted some of it in the air flying between L.A. and Florida) and continued the mighty tradition of squirrel watching. Another squirrel sighting in Burbank

Maybe I should rename this blog 'Squirrel Watch' or what about 'The Squirrel Whisperer'? But then who knows who I'd get looking at this blog.

Anyway, following numerous requests (you know who you are!) for more squirrel sightings, here are a few more lovable, huggable images for your delight.
Hmm, do you think there's any coincidence with these high level of sightings and the fact that Alvin and the Chipmunks was released on DVD yesterday here in the States?

In other entertainment news, my prediction for who would be voted off Dancing with the Stars this week was wrong.

Adam Carolla survived the vote, with his unique brand of humour winning over the TV audience (apart from the Mormons) and poor, Kylie Minogue, X album cover artworksweet Steve Guttenberg got the axe, even after an improved performance with the Tango.

Other highlights last night included an appearance by pop icon, Kylie Minogue, promoting the U.S. launch yesterday of her tenth album, X.

No amount of wigs or sequins could help a very poor live rendition of 'All I see', but the diminutive Kylie redeemed herself with her classic 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'.

Those squirrels had better take shelter though, as even though it's sunny now, apparently it'll be raining later today.
Right then, better put on my running shoes before it pours down.
Until the next time...
Squirrel peaking around tree

Squirrel on phone cable


Anonymous said...

That religious woman is fabulous. A new style icon is born. I would like to put her forward for 'When Good Plastic Surgery Goes Bad' or 'How to Give Your Wig That Polyester Look'

Jason in Hollywood said...

....and the good thing is, she seems to be on every night (although sadly the camel doesn't join her!!)

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