Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sayonara squirrels, it's been fun...

Squirrel of Studio CitySo another day, another driving lesson. Only a few more days to enjoy driving around Burbank and Glendale before the big move.

Sadly we'll be leaving behind the squirrel infested neighbourhood, but I have a feeling there may be some in West Hollywood too (even though I'm sure they'll be a bit more coiffed and glamorous there).

Unfortunately, today I saw a squashed squirrel on the road (it wasn't me), so that's one less 'Tufty' running around!

So my normal blogging service resumes today after a few days of sharing some places to eat in L.A. I swear to god, if I wasn't jogging nearly every day I'd be the size of a house with all the places we've eaten out.

In addition to being able to start settling in properly once we're in our new accommodation, with a proper postal address I'll Squirrel on the roof in Burbankfinally be able to spend the fabulous vouchers my lovely work friends and colleagues gave me when I left IPC Media.

I'm sure you can imagine the delights I'll be buying. I'm thinking Madonna's new Hard Candy CD and just a few DVDs - Juno, Cloverfield, I am Legend, Jumper, 27 Dresses, Disturbia, Stardust, 30 Days of you can see, I've still got great taste!

Aside from that we've got loads of other boxes of DVDs being delivered next week to entertain us, let's just hope all our stuff has made it all safely across the ocean and through customs.

Just to update you on the latest Dancing with the Stars news, Shannon Elizabeth and her partner, Derek Hough, are the latest casualties of the dancefloor. No amount of on screen romance or fake butt and bust implants was going to save her after Dancing with the Stars Season Sixbeing criticised for lack of hip action in the past and her gawky dancing on Monday.

Also shockingly Def Leppard performed on the Tuesday night show. They really do stretch out the results show, but surely only in America could you have a British rock band on a ballroom dancing show.

We also had other dramas when Cristian de la Fuente pulled a tendon in his arm and still made it through the voting to the next round - bad news for him is that the judges are going to allow lifts in the routines next week, doh!

That's it for now, I'm off to make the most of my time with the squirrels before we have to say goodbye...

p.s. great news - I've now had over 1,000 visitors to my blog - hoorah! I know some websites get that in an hour, but I think that's great going for my little endeavour. Onwards and upwards!


Jill said...

Hi Jason and Charlie
I'm fascinated reading your blog, you seem to be having a wow of a time in LA.
Good luck in your new home and good luck in your driving test Jason.
Love Jill and David xx

Jill said...

Hi Jason and Charlie
I am enjoying reading your blog about your life in LA
Good luck to you both in your new home and good luck with the driving test Jason.
Love Jill and David xx
ps sorry if you have had several messages from me, I've had trouble signing on to be able to leave a message! Think I've got it now.

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks Jill - glad your liking the blog. It's great fun and a great way to keep everyone updated!

Hope all well in 'sunny' Blighty!

Jason in Hollywood

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