Monday, April 21, 2008

Too many margaritas, or top tips to avoid hangovers...

The Grove cinema signSo today I am thankful for the fact I don't have to go to work!

Yesterday we popped out to look at some furniture for our new apartment and then took our first trip to The Abbey in West Hollywood for cocktails, the rest as they say is history.

Now that we've found a place to live here in L.A., we need to furnish it, so early Sunday afternoon we popped along to Crate & Barrel at The Grove. We wanted to take a look at some beds and sofas (the rest we can take some time over) and try to get an idea of prices, before we venture to somewhere like the dreaded IKEA.

I'm sure I spotted an unshaven and bright orange cap wearing Cristian de la Fuente, from Dancing with the Stars, and his family (with nanny in tow), but it could have just been a lookalike or my eyes could have just been playing tricks with me.

After that we drove over to The Abbey to meet a friend Crate & Barrel store at The Grovefor a 'little' drink.

It was my first visit back to The Abbey in a few years. The last time I was there it had been at night and I was slightly jet-lagged, so to go there in the day time with the sun shining and to be able to drink outdoors in the courtyard felt very L.A.The Abbey sign

A bar, lounge and restaurant, The Abbey is a bit of a gay institution in West Hollywood. The crowd was quite mixed, cocktails very strong and the bar staff were big and buff, just the way we like them.

It was our first venture out to a bar, where food hasn't been involved, so I think I may have overindulged a tad, although in total I only had about four drinks (but remember I am only little and the measures generous).

So here are my top tips to avoid a hangover:

  • never drink any cocktails containing tequila
  • never drink on an empty stomach
  • make every third drink a soft drink (yeah, good luck with that!)
  • always say "no" to 'just one more drink?'
  • swear never to drink again....until the next time you do

And those are my words of wisdom from my tequila addled mind, as I sit here re-hydrating with lots of water and gingerly take a bite of a hearty ham and cheese sandwich.

Methinks I'll leave the margarita's alone for a while and switch back to vodka, as I know where I am with that...


J said...

or more infomation on tequila:

Jason in Hollywood said...

that is hilarious and every word of it true...

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