Monday, April 7, 2008

When is a river, not a river...

Los Angeles River signThe answer to 'When is a river, not a river...' is when you're in Los Angeles, apparently!

As so many of you feel we should be living in Studio City (54% of the votes), we popped over to Aroma Cafe, on Tujunga Avenue, for Sunday breakfast.

After a lovely feta, spinach and sun-dried tomato omelet (a bowl of granola for Charlie, no eggs there!), we took a stroll up Tujunga Avenue and onto Ventura Blvd.

To get there we had to cross the Los Angeles River, but as you can see, we were less than impressed. It's certainly not the River Thames and that's for sure!

Los Angeles River, Studio CityAfter our brief excursion, we headed to Ralph's to try out a new supermarket. It's much better than our local Vons or Pavilions. The store is much brighter and the layout seems more familiar and similar to UK stores. The selection of food was much better too, but maybe it seemed that way because the aisles were better organised.

So we signed up for a new Ralph's Club card (every store has a loyalty card here and as a customer you really do seem to be penalised if you don't have one, just by signing up you save money instantly). I'm sure my wallet will be full of 'loyalty' cards soon.

We spent the rest of the day revising for our written driving test and in the evening watching cheesy TV on ABC-7 (I even ironed a few shirts for Charlie - how good am I?).

Anyway, back to my revision, wish us luck - my test is at 2.30pm today and Charlie's at 3.00pm.

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