Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bed, Bath & Beyond and that's just for starters...

Aside from a curry craving which took us to Surya on West 3rd Street on Saturday night and Basix around the corner from our new West Hollywood home on Sunday (exhausted), most of this weekend has been about our big move!
Condo living space
With a friendly helping hand and a stack of money-off coupons we headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond, as the name suggests to buy all our kitchen, bedroom and bathroom essentials.

On the wish list was a new kettle, toaster, iron (can't wait to use that!), shower curtain, inflatable bed (whilst we're waiting for ours to be delivered), pillows and more besides. Our shopping spree was a success and with all the coupons our friend Richard supplied, we saved around $150 - result! We also resisted buying all kinds of useless gadgets and tat, which was even better.
Condo living space left side
Sunday, we enjoyed the delights of Best Buy, a big electronics store, and Target, a more budget store which sells pretty much everything it seems. So in under an hour we'd bagged three new funky phone handsets and a new vacuum cleaner (specially designed for pet hair) - mission accomplished!

The funniest thing is being able to trust in new and unfamiliar brands. Luckily I've come across some of them working for a home interiors magazine, but the rest are not so well known, or in the UK known for something else entirely.
Empty master bedroomAnyway that was the weekend, in preparation for the movers delivering all our belongings from the UK which had been shipped over. So early Monday morning we left our temporary bungalow and home for the past eight weeks, for the last time. Even though it's been like living in a 1950s time warp, it's been a great little place and as I've spent more time there and getting to know the surrounding Burbank area, will miss it (and the squirrels of course).

We'd ferried most of our luggage from the bungalow over the weekend, so Monday morning was a bit of unpacking, but also lots of waiting around for the movers to arrive. Their delivery window was 11am to 1pm, so of course no surprise when they arrived at 1.30pm. Still not bad, at least it's not the 8am to 6pm timeline that you get from British Gas and the like in the UK.

Here's a few pics of our new pad and the 'joy' of moving...

Nice uncluttered kitchen 'BEFORE' our things arrived.
Uncluttered kitchen
Here's the 'AFTER' picture - we still have three boxes of glassware and china to unpack. Not exactly sure where it's all going to go!
Cluttered kitchen Miraculously everything seems to have made it in one piece (although three boxes still left to open), but here's an idea of the amount of packaging they use to protect things. It's obscene really, so I hope they recycle it all! Apparently they don't use bubble-wrap as it sweats when the goods are being shipped in the sea containers, so it's old fashioned brown paper and corrugated cardboard.
Wine glass packaging
Packed glasses in box
Luckily they took about 50+ of the boxes and packaging away with them. Thank god we didn't bring all our furniture too!
Moving boxes

Our lovely new shower curtain - it's fab buying nice new things!

Our new shower curtain from Bed, Bath & BeyondYou may be wondering why I'm updating my blog and not unpacking more stuff at the moment. Mainly because I'm supervising two 'handy men' whilst they take out some cupboards to fit a new washing machine and tumble dryer in our apartment (it's not the norm out here, so I'm very glad it's happening, but they don't rush that's for sure).

Unpacked living room

Plus we're not sure when we'll be without cable and internet access as there will be a switch over period between us and the previous occupants, so am making the most of it!

Jason and Charlie enjoy a nice cuppaBye for now...

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