Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting there slowly and trying to avoid a meltdown...

This week really is whizzing by and today was another day of waiting for more deliveries.

The good news is we have our new bed and so won't need to sleep on the inflatable bed another night, not that it was that bad, but it's always nice to sleep in your own bed (even if it is new!).
Elan Crate & Barrell bed and cabinet
It very nearly didn't all go to plan this morning though when we couldn't fit the sofa in the elevator and the delivery guy sucked in through his teeth and said he'd need to call into the warehouse to make sure it was OK for them to carry the sofa up the three flights of stairs instead.

Apparently it's a three man job and even though we'd informed Crate & Barrel we lived on the top floor and we weren't sure the sofa would fit in the lift there was still the usual drama.

Next was the dilemma of how much to tip these guys - I mean in the UK they'd be more than with happy a cup of tea and a biscuit (or the fact they were doing their job?!?).

Anyway, as if by magic they were able to deliver it - hurrah, panic over (I don't think I could have coped waiting in for it to be redelivered when I'd seen and touched it right there in front of me by the van).

Next our new 40 inch HD TV was delivered, along with a hastily purchased new multi-region DVD player (did you know they don't use scart plugs on U.S. TVs, so our old one is not compatible? We didn't). So luckily for us it won't be a huge waste of time shipping over our entire and extensive DVD collection.

We're also experiencing the usual financial problems associated with having no credit history in the U.S. This time my application for a mobile (cell) phone was declined and it took almost an hour to resolve it all.
New Crate & Barrell Steele sofa
I'm a bit exhausted and frazzled today with all the cleaning, unpacking, sorting and anticipation, so I'll leave you with a picture of our new sofa and a promise to be more cheery in future installments. I'm slowly getting used to the sofa, but it's bigger than I'd remembered, isn't that always the way...

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