Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heathrow's planes have been replaced by L.A.'s helicopters...

LAPD HelicopterRather than being woken each morning by the planes coming in to land or taking off from Heathrow, you're more likely to hear the sounds of helicopters in Los Angeles.

I don't necessarily mean in the early hours, but during the day and night you'll hear the sound of helicopters. They are either the LAPD (the police) chasing the bad guys or reporters chasing Paris Hilton no doubt (not sure if there's much of a difference either way)!

Aside from that, we've been lucky so far and it seems like a quiet enough neighborhood (famous last words I'm sure). I actually feel a bit like I'm on holiday at the moment, after being in Burbank for two months, either that or a retirement home. There's a real mix of people living in our block of condos, but predominantly the older variety abound in the daytime. Anyway, they all seem nice enough.

I really hoped when we moved out here that we'd be able to get a place with a pool, but I didn't really think it would be possible. Imagine my delight when I'm able to look out our window and see the pool in the dazzling sunshine in the daytime and illuminated at night.
Mark's Restaurant, West Hollywood
Some good news today in that my official Californian driver's license has arrived in the post, but as we're often finding here, two steps forward and one back, it's only valid until September 2008. That's due to the problems with my visa as it was incorrectly stamped when I entered the U.S. It's perfectly sortable, but just more paperwork for us in the long run!

Besides another trip to the gym today and a walk around West Hollywood to familiarise myself with the area a bit (walking past Mark's Restaurant from the weekend and WEHO's Nobu right next to it), mostly today I've been reading up on puppy care and catching up on the first few episodes of Heroes season two online.

Tonight I'll be watching the results show of the semi-finals of Dancing with theNobu restaurant, West Hollywood Stars - methinks poor Marissa may be leaving tonight, but you never can tell. She's been the 'Letitia Dean' (of Eastenders fame) of the US series, in that her dancing has improved greatly from where she was at the beginning, but her size and shape have held her back versus the more petite and athletic female contestants.

Having said that I've really loved her recent dances and think she's greatly improved, plus her bubbly personality is infectious. She was saved by the audience vote last week, so let's wait and see.

And with that I'm off to watch some TV...


Edward Ott said...

dude do you really want to stay in hollywood past september?

Jason in Hollywood said...

That's the plan. Liking it so far!

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