Thursday, May 15, 2008

How much of L.A. will I be able to take...

"And like most people who came from somewhere else, they refused to part with their winter gear. Nobody ever knew for sure how much of L.A. they could take. It was always good to be ready to run."

This is a quote from the Michael Connelly book I'm still reading, The Overlook. As I've mentioned in previous posts I knew a bit about living in L.A. from reading his Harry Bosch detective novels and thought this quote was quite appropriate to our situation. Not that we've got one foot out the door and can't wait to be gone, far from it, we're really enjoying it here so far, but it will be interesting as time goes by to see how long we're destined to be here for.
Yellow Los Angeles school busAnyway, you lucky people are getting a second blog entry today as I didn't have time yesterday with a trip to discover a new comic shop on Melrose Avenue in the morning,another gym visit and our evening screening of Prince Caspian.

I'm told Golden Apple Comics is the place to go for celebrity sightings - I bet they're all doing research for auditions with all the comic themed movies out and in production at the moment! Let's see if I spot anyone there in the coming months.

I can't wait until I get my new car now as the walk was quite a way down Melrose and by the time I got there in the intense L.A. sunshine, I was a hot and sticky mess. I think that's why no one walks here - it's too hot and you'd be forever changing your clothes or be perpetually stinky!

On my stroll along Melrose I also discovered some fab clothes shops, including this 'can't really miss it' Paul Smith shop and a G-Star store, so I can't wait to explore that soon (although not sure what my meager dollars will be able to buy me).
Paul Smith store on Ventura BlvdIn other important news, in the world of entertainment that is, my prediction for the star leaving Dancing with the Stars was unfortunately correct and Broadway Star, Marissa Jaret Wonikur, was booted out.

No real surprise really, but that means Cristian de la Fuente, Kristi Yamaguchi and Jason Taylor are in next Monday's final. In my view, the only one who really deserves to win now is Kristi, even with her Olympic gold medal winning skater background, the others don't compare to her fantastic routines.

Dancing with the Stars US TV series logoOne slightly unsettling thing about the Tuesday night results show has been that they've had a children's dance contest as well, which has all been very reminiscent of 'Little Miss Sunshine' and the American beauty pageants. The teen contestants don't look too bad, but there's something a bit wrong about the really young ones dancing the samba and trying to be all grown up - it sends shivers down my spine.

And sorry America, but it's still not as exciting as Strictly Come Dancing!

The poll for our new puppy's name has now closed and not surprisingly Troy and Sporticus were the favourites (hmm, I wonder who voted for those names?), followed closely by Sam. Anyway, watch this space to find out the official name very soon, plus don't forget to vote and let me know what your favourite cocktail is.

Mmm, cocktail, that sounds nice...

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