Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm finally connected to the U.S. phone network...

Not much to report here aside from my new American mobile (cell) phone has arrived at last!

If I say AT&T are as bad as BT in the UK then any Brits reading this will understand the mini trauma we've had getting the phone.
New Samsung SGH-a737 phone
It's a new diddy Samsung phone, in a nice metallic lime green finish, which seems easy to handle and use. I'm still reading the manual, or should that be trying to do stuff, then when that fails, reading the manual.

From now on hopefully deliveries won't be as painful as they have been until now, without a phone. Thursday is a big day with a new dining table and benches, a chair and chest of drawers arriving. Plus the Cable Guy is due back again then to connect up our digital phone service.

Apart from that I've spent my day tinkering around the condo trying to stay cool, doing a bit of laundry and going to the gym.

Dancing with the Stars season six - who will win?At the moment I'm trying to migrate our itunes collection onto the new iMac. The last time I tried do do anything like that I lost pretty much everything we'd loaded onto itunes at the time, so wish me luck!

Tonight is the Dancing with the Stars end of season results show. If Kristi Yamaguchi doesn't win it'll be a crime, as she's the best dancer by far and no amount of ripping shirts off to reveal gym toned torsos by the two other male finalists is going to sway my vote!

Will she be the first ever female to win the US Dancing with the Stars? Tune in tomorrow and I'll let you know...

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