Friday, May 2, 2008

I've passed the California Driving Exam and here's some helpful tips on how I did it...

Absolutely fantastic news (for me anyway, not sure about the other motorists) - I've passed my California Driving Exam. What a relief!
Jason outside Glendale California DMV
16 hours of driving lessons later (not the six they say it's possible with) and I'm ready to take to the road officially.

Now to find a car in a nice colour!!

So my top tips for other learners would be (now that I'm an expert!):
  • Watch the California DMV videos about common mistakes available on You Tube.

  • Take the online DMV Driving Knowledge Tutorial, just to refamiliarise yourself will different road situations

  • Make sure you have a driving lesson immediately before your test to iron out the kinks

  • I'd recommend booking an early exam appointment (mine was 10am) so you're not hanging around all day getting nervous

  • Allow enough time for your exam - I waited around 45 minutes in the test parking lanes before starting my test, which was about 20 minutes long

  • Make sure you remember your learner permit - you'll need to show it for the test

  • Familiarise yourself with the car you are taking your driving test in - know where the headlights, indicators, horn, windscreen defroster, emergency brake and lights

  • Make sure you are comfortable in the car - adjust seat and check mirrors one final time

  • Drive around the test area in your driving lessons and get to know problem hot spots, speed limits and possible issues on the day of your test

  • Don't take the exam until you feel confident enough and assertive on the road

I'll soon have some official Californian I.D. now I've passed my driving exam, which should really help and save me carrying my passport everywhere I go, plus we can go full steam ahead and look for a puppy!

Now that I've learnt the rules of the road, I'll need to start studying the rules of dog ownership, so better get my guide to owning and training a dog out and get up to speed!

I'm so pleased to have passed as Dog laws in BurbankI wanted to make sure I was independently mobile so that I could take the young pup to and from the vet if necessary and get around on my own out here and not feel so stranded.

I'm also thrilled to have passed before we moved areas, as I wasn't looking forward to either learning a new district or coming back to Glendale to take the test, it would have been too complicated.

Before I start driving everywhere I obviously need a car, insurance (apparently red and yellow cars are more expensive to insure, or so my driving instructor tells me) and maybe some driving experience in the dark and rain (maybe I'll have to wait a while for the last one).

I keep telling Charlie I like those Porsche cars, they can't be that expensive surely?

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