Friday, May 23, 2008

Jason does D.I.Y. or just call me Martha...

Martha Stewart, that is! Yes, Hollywood's most glamourous and most Welsh house-husband works his magic on our new West Hollywood condo. More Crate & Barrel furniture deliveries, a spot of TV stand assembling and lots of cleaning up of those annoying white Styrofoam bits that get everywhere. The result, a home fit for a king, or dare I say a couple of queens? Martha would be so proud!
Crate & Barrell furnished living room
So yesterday was delivery day (again) and saw the arrival of our new dining table and benches, wasabi green leather chair for the bedroom and a chest of drawers, so we can finally put our clothes away properly. Crate & Barrel's profits will be huge by the time we've finished furnishing our flat, just like Heal's and New Heights got the lion's share of our money for our flat in Chiswick.
Crate & Barrell Big Sur dining table
We really love everything we've bought so far and it was great to see the Big Sur dining table and benches in the flesh, so
Crate & Barrel Marsden wasabi green leather chairto speak, as we'd only Crate & Barrel Marsden chair with black walnut-stained hardwood legsever seen the larger 90 inch table in the store, whilst this is a smaller 65 inch table. With two matching small benches it's a great space saver and is really solid and natural looking.

I think my favourite has to be this fantastic wasabi green leather chair, which we snapped up on impulse when we'd gone in to order the table.

We were so desperate to find some nice furniture and it caught our eye in the store (although subliminally we'd probably seen it every time we'd been inside a Crate & Barrel since we've been here, and that's a lot of times!), so we're very happy with it and it adds some interesting colour and dimension to our bedroom. Obviously, it's far too nice to sit on, so we'll just look at it lovingly!
Crate & Barrell Elan chest of drawers
We also bought the matching 4-drawer chest to match our Elan oak bed and nightstands and it means we can finally get organised and see how much storage space we actually have.

On Wednesday night Charlie also whizzed to Lamps Plus after work to pick up the lamps we'd ordered - so, let there be light!

Crate & Barrel Marina table lamp and Elan nightstand Lamps Plus Cylinder Shade table lamp Lamps Plus spotlight lampWe were also really brave and took a chance by ordering two flat-pack TV stands from, which also arrived yesterday. We ordered them Sunday and they arrived Thursday, so that's not bad going. Plus everything made it in one piece, which is a result, especially considering there was glass involved. They were on 'special offer', but after you add on tax and delivery, you realise it's not so special!
Having fun assembling two TV stands - thank god I had enough space to spread myself out! So here's the D.I.Y. element from my blog title, I even managed to assemble them both myself quite easily and without lots of swearing and losing of temper. Piece of cake! How to assemble a TV stand - part one!
How to assemble a TV stand - part three!How to assemble a TV stand - part two!And see below for the fabulous finished result (excuse all the wires, that's something on the list to sort in the future).

All in all, Thursday was a jam packed day!

In other news, we're currently deciding on what car to buy for me. Funnily enough it's come down to colour, which in my very limited experience I think is probably the most important factor when you come to buy a car. We're debating the merits of having a black SUV in a land that doesn't get much rain to wash it clean and is extremely sunny the majority of time. So is black, which attracts heat, the best car to be driving around L.A. in?

In totally random musings, I've also noticed something about the maids in this condo complex. They tend to hog the washing machines and dryers, so roll on when we have our own appliances in our flat!

Anyway, tonight our lovely friend Richard is holding a 'welcome' soiree for us (it was intended for much earlier, but it's been delayed until now), so I'd better go and start making myself look beautiful, after all, I've only got about six hours to get ready...
Our new 32 Sony Bravia HDTV and bargain Target TV standOur 40 inch Sony Bravia HDTV and new Target TV stand

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