Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jason goes to the E.R., on the Warner Bros Studio lot that is...

That's right true believers, I've been out and about delving under the skin of Hollywood again, this time exploring backstage at the Warner Bros Studio lot in Burbank.
Warner Bros Studios water towerWhen a friend offered me the invitation for a spot of lunch and a personal tour around the Warner Studios I jumped at the chance.

As we're leaving the Burbank area shortly, where all the studios are based, I thought I'd use this opportunity to take a look at where the magic happens and where shows like Friends, E.R., The West Wing, The Gilmore Girls and many more TV series and films are made.

It's been a lovely sunny day again today, after cooling down and clouding over a bit yesterday, so we strolled through the Warner Studios back lot full of lifelike replicas of different American street styles that can double as places from different eras.

One minute you could be in a bustling New York Street or then quiet Main Street USA, the next the City Hall steps from the old Batman TV episodes or even a jungle lagoon (which was drained today!).

I was also lucky enough to see the set which is used as a Chicago subway in E.R., plus the ambulance bay where all the injured patients roll up every episode.
ER ambulance bay entrance at Warner Bros Studios
I was actually standing where the E.R. actors stand, I could almost feel the spirit of George Clooney (obviously he's not quite dead yet!!), quite frankly I can't believe I wasn't snapped up there and then for the next season!Jason behind the scenes at the ER entrance

Unfortunately we didn't spy any stars about today, but we did take a trip backstage to look at the costume department and I spied a clothes rail with outfits from the new Watchmen movie that's in production now - how exciting is that (well for me very, for you lot, probably not so much)!

The place had rows and rows of clothes for every style and era, from Samurai costumes to sci-fi, padded outfits to Roman gladiators - very cool.

Warner Bros pictures logo

As you can see Jason in Hollywood really is becoming the home of entertainment news, stories and adventures.

It was a great way to spend a couple of hours, but tomorrow is promising to be even more exciting as the Iron Man movie comes out.

Even though only 2% of you wanted to go see it (and I think that was probably me voting), we've got our tickets booked and we're off to the delightful Arclight Hollywood to see it tomorrow evening.

Apparently you lot are most looking forward to seeing Disney's WALL-E movie, with 35% of the vote (although that may be slightly skewed with my avid Disney audience), plus 26% can't wait to see the new Indiana Jones film.

Anyway as they say at Warner Bros, "th-th-th-that's all folks..."

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