Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kristi Yamaguchi is the first female contestant to win Dancing with the Stars...

Kristi Yamaguchi & dance partner Mark Ballas - Season six Dancing with the Stars winner.  Image courtesy of ABC.It was inevitable really that Kristi Yamaguchi, a former World Champion and Olympic figure skater was going to do well in the sixth season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars, but even after the first show you could tell she was going to win.

Kristi Yamaguchi, along with her professional dance partner Mark Ballas (how happy must he be about his career now?), was the season six winner after ten weeks of competition and first female contestant to ever win the U.S. TV series of Dancing with the Stars.

She beat off fellow finalists Jason Taylor and Cristian de la Fuente to take the glitterball trophy. But even from the start her performance has been flawless and she's achieved the highest scores from the judges week after week.

Kristi Yamaguchi & Mark Ballas dancing their way to a trophy win - the first ever American female celebrity winner of Dancing with the Stars.  Image courtesy of ABC After the initial controversy surrounding her past as a Olympic medal winner (1992 Olympic Champion in women's singles), some commented on the unfair advantage of her extensive skating experience and training.

I also thought that the judges were even more harsh on her midway through the season, even though she was consistently the best performer and produced the most breath-taking and technically difficult routines each week.

Regardless of previous weeks negative comments, she obliterated the Dancing with the Stars Season Six Winner - Kristi Yamaguchicompetition in the final, achieving perfect tens from all three judges for all her dances - the Cha-cha-cha, Freestyle and Jive.

It's becoming a bit of a trend this year to have female winners of big TV shows, as previously reported here at Jason in Hollywood, Ali Vincent was the first female contestant to win The Biggest Loser title in April this year.
I also have a sneaking suspicion that a woman may win Bravo TV's Top Chef this season too!
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