Monday, May 19, 2008

More nesting, more eating, more drinking and a minor Z-list celebrity sighting...

Best Buy store signAnother weekend, another round of shopping for furniture and accessories to furnish our new WEHO home.

Along the way we managed to fit in another lunch out at The Farm of Beverly Hills (this time in Beverly Hills rather than the one at The Grove), before we popped to Crate & Barrel to pick up the new lamps we'd ordered last week and to order a dining table and benches, leather chair and four-drawer chest of drawers for the bedroom. They were all in stock, so hopefully we'll get delivery on Thursday!

We also popped to a lighting store, Lamps Plus on La Brea, to buy some lighting for our bedrooms. We left with one from the shop floor, with two others on order for next week. Now we can see at night!

We're slowly getting through our furniture essentials checklist, however we just discovered that Target store signsome of the electricals that we brought with us don't work here. It was always a risk and that's why we didn't bring more, but we now have an espresso coffee machine and digital radio alarm clock joining the video and DVD players in the cupboard (which in the UK have scart leads and in the U.S. don't, but maybe the voltage would have been different anyway).

So it was off to Best Buy and Target on Sunday to buy a few more odds and sods.

In less than an hour we had a new radio alarm clock, ironing board cover (ooh, fun), electric shaver (for me), filing cabinet and water spray bottle (as our new iron broke after only five shirts and the spray function doesn't work, we can't find the receipt to take it back to exchange it, so we're being creative - but we're not overly impressed by Black & Decker irons).
JD Jordan from Work Out season 3 - image courtesy of Bravo
After grabbing a cooling, calorie-laden green tea Frappaccino from Starbucks we headed back to our car and who should we see in the Target (or 'Tar-Gay' as it's affectionately known) underground car park, but very minor celebrity JD Jordan, from Bravo TV's Work Out season three.

Doubtless, my fellow Brits won't have a clue who he is, or if you don't watch Bravo TV, but he's Jackie Warner's Beverly Hills based gym, Sky Sports, new massage therapist and personal trainer.

I bet from the picture of JD you have no idea why two gay men would be interested in watching this reality TV show. Plus if truth be told, Charlie has developed a little crush on JD's fellow trainer, Jesse (bottom middle of the Work Out cast).

Anyway, after all our exhausting shopping, we rewarded ourselves with dinner out with our friends Richard and Barry at El Coyote, a Californian Mexican restaurant on Beverly Blvd.Work Out Season 3 cast - image courtesy of Bravo

It's a bit of a Tardis inside, with gaudily decorated rooms that wind their way far back and it serves yummy, affordable food (and lots of it, all pretty much smothered in cheese).

After promising myself, following a few nights of drinking (not heavily mind you), that I'd lay off the alcohol on Sunday, two blended margarita's later and I'd failed miserably. But they did win an AOL Cityguide Award for the best margarita's in L.A., so who am I to argue with award-winning drinks - it would be rude to not sample the local culture!

El Coyote cafe on Beverly BlvdLord only knows what they put in those margarita's though as I had the weirdest dreams ever...


J said...

You can get a transformer to convert the voltage for stuff where the voltage is the only problem. The more power the thing draws, the more it costs, so for something like a hand blender or a stereo, it's about $15 , for something that draws a lot of power (like a toaster) it's a lot more.

I've got a couple from Magellans, in Santa Monica. They've got a website too, at

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks J, you're a treassure trove of useful info!

Ultimately it's sometimes easier for us to buy NEW, then at least we have the right plugs too!

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