Saturday, May 3, 2008

My night out with Iron Man...

You have got to go see the new Iron Man movie. I thought it was absolutely fabulous and it's so funny too.
Jason in Hollywood with Iron ManRobert Downey Jr is a god. He's the perfect 'Tony Stark' and brings the character to life so much better than I'd ever envisaged.

I'd heard mixed reviews about the film and I'd even seen a TV trailer with a quote from somewhere saying 'lot's of fun', which didn't sound very promising.

Now I can see what they meant, it was so much fun all the way through (obviously two cosmo's before hand to get you in the mood helps as well!).

Iron Man isn't one of my favourite Marvel Comics characters and he's certainly not the most well known, even in America, but I thought the Director, Jon Favreau, did an excellent job of updating but still remaining true to Iron Man's origin story and telling it in a non-comic fan friendly way.
Iron Man suit worn by Robert Downey Jr
So instead of a billionaire playboy drunken genius (and an anti-communist hero) who is critically injured in Vietnam and has to build a suit of armour to keep his heart beating and escape from his captors, he's still the same party loving, wealthy ladies man but this time the action takes place in (the much more contemporary and politically timely setting) Afghanistan.
Original Iron Man suit movie costume
The film is extremely entertaining and has great characterisation, great humour, great special effects (without being too CGI heavy), great plot and script and a believable Iron Man suit design (which doesn't look totally absurd on Robert Downey Jr).

Surprisingly, I also liked Gwyneth Paltrow, as Tony Stark's Executive Assistant, Pepper Potts, and thought Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane (Iron Monger) and Terence Howard, as Jim Rhodes, were well cast and gave great performances too.
Iron Man comic cover issue 200 with Iron Monger Iron Man 2005 comic cover issue 8Iron Man comic cover issue 421
It also helped we saw the movie at the fantastic Arclight Hollywood cinema and it was a packed out 8pm performance and the audience was loving it (lots of fan boys there methinks, as lots of laughs and whoops along the way).

Before I forget, you must hang on until the bitter end of the film, after all the credits have run, as you'll get a little surprise. A little tease maybe for future films, which comic fans will love!!

On top of the film, as I'm coming to discover the Arclight had some fab extras for the opening weekend, with the actual Iron Man suit worn by Robert Downey Jr in the film, plus Tony Stark's Audi from the movie parked outside (do you see how all of a sudden I know cars now that I've passed my test?). As always I had my trusty camera to hand, so enjoy the exclusive pictures I snapped (with the help of my faithful assistant - he's got his uses).
Jason with Tony Stark's car from Iron Man movie
Who'd have thought you'd see me posing with so many cars - I wouldn't mind this one though - it looks like it can go super fast!
Tony Stark's Audi from the Iron Man film
It was one of my top five summer blockbuster movies and Iron Man is definitely a five star ***** film for me (and yes you can quote me on that!!)

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