Friday, May 16, 2008

Relaxing poolside in the L.A. sunshine...

It had to happen, I've finally taken the plunge and tried out our condo swimming pool.

We're in the middle of a mini-heatwave, which people keep telling me to get used to as in Summer it's like this all the time and hotter, so I needed a dip into the cooling pool waters today.West Hollywood poolside livingIt was nice to lie in the sun and then be able to cool off. I also overheard some bizarre poolside conversations and I think, rather wisely, chose not to join in on any of them. I can see now why Americans tend to like therapy so much.

As well as being very hot today I also ironed about seven work shirts for Charlie (how good am I?), which added to the stuffy atmosphere, so it was a well deserved trip to the pool methinks.

Whilst I was ironing, I was also babysitting the handyman who'd come back to fix the dry wall behind the washer/dryer space and the the pipe work has now been inspected and approved by the local authority and means that soon we'll be able to wash and dry our clothes and linens in the flat, rather than taking potluck on traipsing down three floors to the laundry room to discover they are all in use!!

Last night we had an impromptu dinner at Asia de Cuba with some of Charlie's work colleagues, which was a really nice way to spend a Thursday night. The food and company was great and I'd highly recommend the Butterfish - yum! Sadly we saw no celebs when we were eating or drinking in the Sky Bar beforehand, but our friend Richard spotted William Shatner (of Star Trek fame) at the Sushi bar he was eating at yesterday. Just wait, my time will come.

L.A. Helicopters L.A. Helicopters
L.A. HelicoptersSpeaking of spotting things, I think that my squirrel watching may now have to give way to helicopter watching as there seem to be more of them here in West Hollywood, than the squirrels in Burbank.

As it's a Friday night I won't bore you and even go into the trauma we're having getting my new mobile phone delivered, but as you can imagine, as with everything else over here, it's not going smoothly.
L.A. evening sky
Anyway, I'll leave you now with a view from our lovely roof terrace - there's nothing quite like a balmy evening and a jokey-cola to relax you...

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