Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The story so far and maybe a glimpse of the future...

All is right with the world and the sun is shining once more in West Hollywood after a dreary Memorial Day weekend.

After being a social butterfly at the weekend (although flagging by Monday), the last few days have been quieter and maybe a time for reflection.Papyrus in the LA sunSo what exactly have I achieved since I've been here in L.A.?

  • Moving here from London was a pretty major step for us, not just moving countries but continents too!
  • I set up this fantastic blog, which is keeping my mind stimulated and teaching me all kinds of things about the fascinating world of the web - now with over 2,000 visitors to date
  • I passed my Californian written driving exam with an impressive 100% score
  • I've learned to drive on the right hand side of the road and passed my Californian driving test with flying colours (although I've not been behind the wheel since!)
  • We've found a perfect place to live in trendy WEHO and we've nearly furnished it (with the help of what seems like Crate & Barrel's entire inventory)
  • We've eaten at pretty much the full spectrum of L.A.'s restaurants and eateries, from Mexican to Argentinian food, to classic American cuisine!

So what's next I here you ask?

Well on my 'To Do' list (which is considerably shorter than it ever was when I was working):

  • Buy a new car for me
  • Drive it on my own
  • Explore more of L.A.
  • Buy a puppy
  • Have more fun!
  • Buy a sofa-bed so that friends and family can come to stay
  • Get a nice L.A. tan (preferably not orange)
  • Stop eating everything they put on the plate (even though L.A. portions are smaller than the rest of America, they can still be super-sized by UK standards and I'm not sure my waistline is benefiting from it at all)
  • Get a nice gym-buff body (overnight in my sleep would be the best, thank you very much!!)
  • Spot more celebs - real ones and not just the D-list!
  • Have even more fun!
  • Spend some time in wine country (drinking, that is)
  • Drive more traffic to my blog and decide what the hell it's about
  • Find something to occupy my time for the next few years...
So as you can see, it's not overly ambitious. There's no grand plan or agenda. Obviously in the meantime, a few glamourous Hollywood parties and a few walk-on parts in a movie or two wouldn't go amiss either.

Keep watching this space to see if any of my 'Things to do' get checked off the list...

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