Saturday, May 31, 2008

Taking the plunge...

Crisis averted with a bottle of Drano and a handy plunger
Or should that be hunting for a plunger? So not even having been in our new flat a full month yet, I thought I'd broken the garbage disposal.

Since we've been in the U.S. everyone has been telling us to put everything down the waste disposal. So thinking we were doing the right thing we've been merrily flushing every bit of vegetable peeling and food left-overs down the In-sink-erator.

Imagine our surprise on Thursday night when the water just wouldn't go down the plug hole and started to come back up.

Friday morning I headed out on the hunt for a plunger to see if that would help us - it's amazing how many different styles there are available. I opted for this snazzy little number, but alas it didn't really help much and my plumbing skills failed me.

Luckily our landlord popped round later with a bottle of Drano to unblock the pipes, which worked a treat! So panic over, but it did highlight to us the teething problems we're having with the simplest things settling in here in L.A. The funny thing is that in our London flat we had a waste disposal, but we never used it, so we're not exactly novices with this sort of thing.

Anyway, Friday night we headed out to try another local restaurant in West Hollywood, this time Taste on Melrose Avenue and shock, horror, we even walked there!
Taste restaurant on Melrose
It's a nice restaurant with a mixed crowd and was very popular last night, which made it a bit noisy and a bit hard for the three of us to talk, but the food was great. I had the pear and caramelized onion pizzetta (which also had Gorgonzola and walnuts on it) which was divine and then the seared Ahi Tuna fillet, which was a huge fillet and was equally gorgeous. Everyone else had nice food too, but aside from the noise the only other comment I'd make is that the staff seemed overly attentive and we were asked by about four different people, multiple times during our meal how we were doing and was everything OK - it was slightly overkill.

Anyway, we're off on an adventure today as we've been invited to a BBQ in Alta Loma, which is about 52 miles away. Lucky for Charlie I'm not going to be driving there, although my shiny new car is parked downstairs in the garage and I do plan to go for a little spin in it this morning, so watch out L.A., Jason is finally behind the wheel, God save us all....

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