Monday, May 26, 2008

There's nowt as queer as folk...

Actor Robert Gant from American Queer as Folk fameSo after a pretty much sleepless night, due to god knows what, here's another instalment of your favourite Hollywood blog.

On Saturday we had another celebrity sighting, this time at the Arclight Hollywood (probably going to see Indiana Jones too). We saw the actor, Robert Gant, who played Professor Ben Bruckner in 55 episodes of the U.S. version of Queer as Folk.

Some of you may also recognise him from guest appearances in TV shows such as Nip/Tuck, C.S.I. and even many moons ago in a 1997 episode of Friends (which it seems everyone and their wife has been in at some stage!).

We saw him queueing up for some popcorn before the movie and after the film was over - it seemed a bit rude to shove a camera in his face at the time!  I always thought he was the sexy older guy in QAF, but he was slightly less striking in person (maybe that's because he had his clothes on!).
Actor Robert Gant from U.S. Queer as Folk fame

After Indiana Jones we tried out a new addition to West Hollywood's eateries and watering holes, the Crown Bar, on Santa Monica Blvd, between Fuller and Greenacres Avenues (and directly across from Trader Joe's - I say that as the bar doesn't have a noticeable sign outside).

The bar was pretty much empty when we arrived, but by the time we left it was full of identikit girls and guys, all looking slightly too overdressed for L.A.'s casual style.

There are not many tables to dine at, but there is additional seating opposite the bar where you can eat. The food was a bit hit or miss, my beet salad was very tasty, but my yellowfin slider was a chewy dissapointment and had to be sent back and taken off the check, with a free cocktail thrown in for good measure!

My top tip would be to check your bill, as we had to ask for a couple of drinks to be removed that shouldn't have been on there. Another tip is that you need to leave by the back door rather than the door you came in from, even though it may say 'exit' above it!

Anyway, Sunday saw us taking it easy in the condo in the morning, waiting for the weather to brighten up (it seems like we've brought the British Bank Holiday weather with us) and then heading over to The Grove for a spot of lunch with some friends at Marmalade.

Even though the sun was still trying to break through we sat outside under a heater and my dodgy yellowfin slider of Saturday night was totally redeemed by a melt in the mouth, lightly seared Ahi Tuna Steak Sandwich which was massive and gorgeous. The Hollywood sign from the roof of The Home Depot, 5600 Sunset Blvd
After popping into a few shops at The Grove and checking out a local nursery off Fairfax, we headed off for our first visit to America's The Home Depot, which is just like B&Q and Homebase in the UK. Our mission was to find some new colourful planters for the papyrus on our roof sun deck and we succeeded.
View of the Griffith Observatory from the roof of The Home Depot, 5600 Sunset BlvdSunday evening we had dinner at the O-Bar just round the corner from us. The food was great, but unknown to us it was another 'ladies night' for Memorial Day Weekend no doubt, as it's usually held on Friday and the music was also a bit pumping, so it was like eating at a night club. Aside from that after a few cocktails and abottle of wine, we had a nice time.

And I can't go without saying a big thank you to our friend Richard for hosting our 'welcome party' at his place on Friday, which was much appreciated and a great way to get together with our L.A. friends, work colleagues and meet new people (and of course eat too much).Nibbles, dips and cheese - perfect for grazing all night long!

Methinks a disco nap will be needed before this afternoon's BBQ...

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