Sunday, May 11, 2008

They say moving house is stressful, try moving overseas...

Shopping for the essentials for our new homeI know moving house may not be as stressful as having a new baby, but they do say it's one of the most stressful things to do, so you can imagine what moving home to live overseas is like.

After a few days of unpacking and finding our feet in our new West Hollywood pad I had a day off! I know that sounds strange from someone who is no longer working a nine to five (was it ever really that?) job, but it was necessary and it was great!

So Friday was a totally vegging day for me. I fired up our new iMac and logged on to and watched back to back episodes of season four of LOST, which is the only real way to watch any of these cliffhanger TV series (and totally free, legal and in High Definition digital online). It was fantastic and such a tonic, plus Season four is so good (much better than two and three) and we start to get some answers to all the mysteries of the island, well kind of.

On Friday night we popped to another gay institution (I know I say that a lot, but this one really is), Mark's and had a great meal and watched the Upright Cabaret as an added entertainment bonus! I also had the most amazing Beet and Goat's Cheese Salad as a starter, although the lack of greens made me question the salad description, but it was delicious and I'd highly recommend it.

Anyway, on Saturday in Charlie's new luxurious (and mahoosive) Lexus SUV we were off hunting for home furnishings and household essentials again. We took a trip to Crate & Barrel at The Grove, plus to the Beverly Centre and to another Bed, Bath & Beyond store to get some kitchen essentials - stainless steel pedal bin (to keep out enquiring dog snouts), mug The ceiling at the Abbeytree, fruit basket, chopping board and other gadgets.

Plus we bought some new bedding to fit our new mattress, but we failed miserably to find any lamps or cushions. We're not so worried about the cushions for the sofa, but we need lamps for our bedrooms as they don't come with light fittings - crazy I know, but quite standard out here I'm told!

Following all that hard work we took a well earned rest and popped to The Abbey for a light lunch and quick refreshment.

We spent the rest of the afternoon perusing chairs and coffee tables for our living room space at H.D. Buttercup Furniture Mart. It's what us Brits, would consider more of an out-of-town shopping experience, with the stores having a large showroom space and high ceilinged warehouse feeling. Sadly we couldn't find something that instantly caught our eye, but there was a good selection of styles (and prices) to choose from and I think it gave us a few ideas. Plus all the while we're thinking of making it all dog friendly and not spending so much on furniture that when it's scratched and chewed to pieces, our hearts won't sink!

After the trauma of rearranging the furniture we currently have in our condo to fit in the new 40 inch TV and still ensure it looks nice and stylish (and be ready to fit a few more chairs and a dining table), we ended the day with a couple of take-out pizzas and feel good movie, 27 Dresses, on DVD.

I wonder what excitement we'll get up to today...

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