Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Today I'm waiting in for a plumber to fit the new washer/dryer (who's just arrived) and the cable guy who's going to hook us up to cable and internet (phone coming soon).
Condo kitchen and fireplaceTomorrow I'll be waiting in for furniture - ahh, the joy of moving. So what better time to update my blog (with lovely drilling in the background).

Yesterday I spent the day getting to know our new Bissell vacuum cleaner and a bottle of Febreze to make our flat look and smell all clean and fresh. I also had fun alphabetizing our DVD collection (we have so many and I have so little.....wait a minute, I mean, so much time to watch them) and finding places for them and all our books to live.

All the while I was listening to Madonna's new Hard Candy album (yay, my first delivery arrived safely). I have to say it's not as instantly likable as Confessions on a Dancefloor was, but I'm sure will grow on me.

Last night's Dancing with the Stars was a bit of a milestone as it was their 100th episode. One of the highlights was seeing our very own British Spice Girl, Mel B, strutting her sparkly sequined stuff and doing three extremely impressive scissor splits across the dancefloor - she may not be the best singer in the world, but she sure can dance!
Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse sculptureBig surprises when lovely and bubbly Marissa Jaret Winokur made it to the semi-finals next week over 21 year old (the youngest ever contestant on the US series), R&B singer, Mario. So now he can go back to concentrating on his music, rather than having to split his attention between rehearsals and promoting his new album.

In other music news, a friend of ours has just recorded his own CD of easy listening pop, which we've been enjoying in the car. So why not take a listen for free and visit the MySpace page for Barry Goold.

Taking a time-warp slightly, I forgot to share with you another of my behind-the-scenes visits to another entertainment hot-spot, this time Disney HQ and studios.
Dopey Drive at Disney HQ
On Friday I had to pop into the offices to sign some documents, so at the same time I had a little tour of the Disney grounds and back lot. We even took a walk down Mickey Avenue and Dopey Drive.

They have about six soundstages compared to Warner Bros Studios 34, but it was still interesting to have a look around and see where such TV shows as Brothers & Sisters, and films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, plus many more are filmed.

They also have the some of the friendliest squirrels in Burbank. I'd imagine they'd eat out of your hands if you let them - hence the 'Do not feed the squirrels' signs everywhere!
Squirrel close upWell, better get back to the unpacking and cleaning. Not sure where everything is going to go though as we have hardly any furniture to put things in and on.

Hmm....I shall have to be creative!

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