Sunday, June 29, 2008

Celebrity spotting in L.A. - the round-up of star spotting so far...

In honour of the fact we've nearly been living in L.A. for four whole months now (time flies doesn't it), I thought I'd do a round-up of all the celebrity sightings we've had to date.

Firstly a new sighting last week at Disney HQ in Burbank where Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was seen filming Disney's new Race to Witch Mountain movie.  I have to say I was a big fan of the original Escape to Witch Mountain and for me, news that The Rock is starring in the re-imagining is not a positive, but let's wait and see.

Another spotting by Charlie was the actor Jesse Bradford, from the film Flags of our Fathers and The West Wing TV series, who was seen at breakfast time at The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Blvd on Saturday 21 June.

Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven and the cast of Entourage celebrity sighting
Our best sighting to date has to be Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven and the cast of TV's Entourage show as I managed to capture them on camera on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood on Sunday 1 June 2008.

Adrian Grenier and Jeremy Piven from TV's Entourage celebrity sighting
More recently on our visit to New York from 10 to 13 June we spotted Mario Lopez (Dancing with the Stars, A Chorus Line), Kevin Bacon (Footloose, Flatliners) and saw David Hyde Pierce ("Niles Crane" from TV Comedy Frasier) in the Broadway musical Curtains.

Hmm, I wonder why everyone likes Mario Lopez?

Of course who can forget my very first A-list celebrity sighting on these shores on the first weekend we arrived on Sunday 9 March 2008. 

Teri Hatcher spotted at Tommy Rays in Studio City
Teri Hatcher spotted at Tommy Rays in Studio CityWe spotted the lovely Teri Hatcherformer 'Bond girl' and star of ABC'Desperate Housewives, eating a late lunch at Tommy Rays in Studio City. 

On Saturday 24 May at my favourite L.A. cinema, the Arclight Hollywood, I spotte
d Robert Gant, star of the American version of Queer as Folk - he played Mikey's (Hal Sparks) hunky boyfriend, Professor Ben Bruckner.
Actor Robert Gant from Queer as Folk
Jack Mackenroth from season 4 of Bravo TV's project RunwayJD Jordan from Bravo TVs Workout season 3
Then I'm afraid to say the rest of my celebrity spotting has been decidedly Z-list, with a raft of reality TV 'stars', including personal trainer J.D. Jordan spotted at Target on 18 May and Skylab client and cabaret star Micah McCainboth from Bravo TV's Workout seen performing at the Cavern Club Celebrity Theatre in Silverlake on Saturday 21 June.  

Then finally Jack Mackenroth from the fourth season of Project Runway spotted at gay hangout Marix on 27 April. 

And that's the celebrity story so far folks.  

As I've become slightly house-bound with our new pup and my blog has become a bit of a 'Dog Blog' of late, I thought we could all do with a dose of Hollywood glamour to keep us going.

So until next time, I'll keep my eyes open and camera at the ready for the next big scoop...

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