Friday, June 27, 2008

Cooper's first ever bath - he made quite a splash...

Following his first visit to the vet yesterday and his first swimming lesson last Sunday, it was time for Cooper's first bath today, as he was losing his lovely puppy smell and getting a bit stinky.
Cooper - Bathtime BluesLet me tell you, it's harder washing a puppy on your own than you think.  I'm not sure who got wetter, me, Cooper or the bathroom.
Bath time for Cooper - getting wet
I can't say Cooper enjoyed bath time as much as he liked the swimming pool though.  He wasn't in the tub for long.  
Cooper is not sure he's enjoying his first bath
It's also much harder to take photos and wash your dog at the same time, so not the best quality shots.
Cooper having a sniff
In the bath tub
Exploring the tub
Bath time for Cooper
The end result was a slightly more fragrant pup (although still smelling like wet dog) and it was off to the roof deck to dry off in the sun for a few minutes, before Cooper started to chew all the plants, that is.
Are we done yet?
For the record, our lovely yellow labrador puppy is officially ten weeks old today - they grow up so quickly!
Am I dry yet?
Can I go now?
Looks like my break time is over, I feel someone nibbling my feet...

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