Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cooper's new favourite place...

Not much to say today aside from the fact that Cooper is still waking us up in the middle of the night for the three P's - Piddles, Poops and Playtime.

Happy Cooper playing
Here are a few pictures of him in his new favourite place, the bookcase - we originally cleared all the bottom shelves to avoid any chewing incidents, not to become his new bed.
Cute Cooper in his favourite bookcaseContent with his bone in the bookcaseHe knows when you're taking a picturePlaying in his favourite bookcase
Plus here are some more Cooper swimming pool shots as they seem to be quite popular (well I love them anyway)!  
Jason in the Hollywood Hills helping Cooper take his first steps in the pool
I think he actually did more floating than swimming this time.
Fun in the poolFloating in the pool
I love this picture of Cooper and his daddy, Charlie.  It's taken just after Cooper came out of the pool for the first time and then immediately threw himself into the flower beds, the mucky pup
Charlie and our mucky pup Cooper - he's so cuteShake it off boy!
Shake it off Coop
He also seemed to be getting VERY friendly with his stuffed dog Fluffy yesterday, is that natural in one so young, he's only nine weeks old?

On that note, back to the puppy patrol...

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Anonymous said...

Fluffy IS rather hot, isn't he? lol For most puppies (and dogs) - it's as much about asserting dominance as anything sexual, so don't think you've got a perv for a pet...yet!

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