Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 4 in the Big Cooper House...

Today has been all about being excited, early morning wake up calls, trying to jump up on furniture, trying to eat the iMac cable, piddling and pooping on his training mat and rubbing his snout on every mirror available - welcome to the world of puppyhood.
Dog tired - he's so cute when he's sleeping
Last night Cooper slept through until about 4am, so that's an improvement, but not sure if we can say a pattern is forming yet.  He was back up at 6am, so he has two sleepy daddies at the moment.
Cooper playing with Fluffy
He's opted for the cool tile floor over his crate for the moment.  It's funny as the first place he went when we brought him home on Saturday was his crate and now he's not so sure.  
He's so adorable
His playpen is a bit hit and miss as well, but we're going to have to start leaving him alone for bursts of time soon so he can get used to not always having us around.  When I popped out yesterday for ten minutes to get our mail he was a bit yippy, but I'm sure he'll be fine soon.
We're thankful for his selection of chew toys as his baby teeth are like needles.
Cooper practicing his retrieving
I think we're going to hold off buying any more furniture until he's a bit less chewy with everything - balls, ropes, bones, fluffy toys, just don't seem as appealing as bench legs, wooden mirror frames, fabric sofas and our fingers and toes at the moment.
Playing with his toy
We've not ventured out onto the sun deck much yet as it's too hot for him in the day time and he's obsessed with chewing all the new plants and sitting in the water in the planter trays.
Sleeping side by side with Fluffy on the cool tile floor
Just to say, if you're not a fan of puppy pictures, Jason in Hollywood may not be the best place to visit for the next couple of weeks, as I'm fairly housebound puppy-sitting our own little Hollywood celebrity.

Check back here for Cooper's progress (and how we're surviving the experience) when you can...


NK said...

Awww, very cute! Here's a look into the future: Yellow Monster: A Yellow Lab's Photoblog

Jason in Hollywood said...

thanks for the comment and for the glimpse into the future!

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