Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday with Cooper...

It's Friday and it's nearly a week since Cooper came into our lives.  
Today the lack of sleep really hit us and we were both like zombies this morning whilst Cooper was full of beans.  Luckily he's got a few toys to keep him amused, although he prefers to chew everything else more!
Cooper and his Le Bistro feeding system
Here's Cooper eating from his Le Bistro feeding and watering system.  We're still not sure about this yet, as it's not on any kind of timer, so he can eat whenever he wants to.  I can see the benefits of the waterer and the breeder we got Cooper from swore by the feeder, saying it'll help stop Cooper overeating in the future, which labs are prone to do. 

Logically it doesn't seem to fit the whole idea of meal times or our previous experience with dogs, but all the reviews I've read online seem positive too, so if anyone else has an opinion or experience with this feeder, let me know.
Cooper enjoying his new toy
Today Cooper has been a good boy and braved the vacuum cleaner (I swear our apartment and we must stink to high heaven of dog as we've been rolling all over the place all week), gotten more used to his crate bed (little and often, with puppy biscuit rewards have helped) and has slept most of the day as it's really warm here again today (as high as 103 degrees in West Hollywood, thank god we're not still in Burbank in the Valley).
Cooper in the bookcase - where else would he be?!?
Tonight I get a night off and a chance to leave the condo as Charlie is going to puppy-sit whilst I pop to the cinema with a friend to see The Happening.  I'll let you know all about it tomorrow.
You looking at me?
Enjoy the cute puppy pictures, I'm sure there's more where those came from...

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