Monday, June 9, 2008

Getting ready for puppy...

Pet Smart store in Culver City
In addition to visiting classic car shows this weekend we also needed to prepare for the imminent arrival of our new puppy.

To that end we took a drive to Pet Smart in Culver City.  On our shopping list was a very precise list of recommendations from the dog breeder we're getting our puppy from.  

So a couple of hundred dollars later we left the store with three trolley loads of goodies including a dog crate, playpen, puppy food and biscuits, feeder and waterer, dog blanket and countless bones and toys (more for our amusement than his I'm sure).

Saturday also saw us getting our sun deck ready for the Pride celebrations and for entertaining guests, by potting some plants in the new planters we'd bought at The Home Depot.  When I say we, I mostly supervised the activity and gave my expert opinion on the placement of said pots and plants.

Buddha's Belly Restaurant
Just to make you feel that it wasn't all work, work, work this weekend, we did also try out some great new places to eat. First off was Buddha's Belly on Friday night, which is at 7475 Beverly Boulevard.  

They don't take reservations for less than six people, so it was about a ten to fifteen minute wait, but it was well worth it.  The food is a fusion of Asian influences and flavours from Japan, Thailand, China, Korea and Vietnam and it's utterly yummy.  

Needing something spicy and a bit of comfort food, after the special starter of shrimp and scallop rolls I opted for the Thai Green Curry Chicken with Jasmine Rice, which was delicious and a bit of a tonic to the often 'bland' flavours of L.A. cuisine.  I would also highly recommend the The Alaskan Black Cod and Chilled Vietnamese Rolls I also sampled. 

For a slightly different dining experience on Saturday we popped to The Grove for a quick spot of lunch, before our trek to Pet Smart, and grabbed a bite to eat at Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro.  The menu and ambiance is a lot like a Cafe Rouge restaurant in the UK (maybe without as much sunshine though).  I had a lovely Salad Niciose and we had a nice friendly waiter, so it's a place to remember when shopping at The Grove and it has seating inside (which is nice and air conditioned) and on the patio area.

And last but not least on Saturday night we popped to local haunt, Basix on Santa Monica Blvd, for a pre-Pride dinner.
Jason crate training..
Anyway, I need to go and test drive the new washing machine and dryer which have now been fitted.  I'll leave you now with some images of me trying out the new crate for the puppy (well you need to make sure it's comfortable)...
Jason in the dog house again...
Crate training - not just for puppies...

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