Monday, June 2, 2008

I have a new project, but it all feels a bit like deja vu...

Can you guess what my new project is yet?
Redecorating our WEHO condoThat's right I'm redecorating our new West Hollywood condo. The funny thing is, it all feels a bit like deja vu. We went through this process the last few weeks before we left London when we redecorated our flat in Chiswick in order to leave it in pristine condition for our new tenant.

With everything else we needed to do for the relocation overseas and with us both working up until the last weekend, it nearly killed us, so hopefully this time around it won't be so painful.

It's not like the condo we've moved into needs major work, but as always happens when you take away all the furniture and pictures that were hanging on the walls, a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference to brighten up the place and make it feel like home!

So after the Hollywood glamour of our celebrity sighting yesterday of actor Adrian Grenier and the cast of the TV show Entourage in action on Santa Monica Blvd, it's back down to reality today and to painting our spare bedroom to make it ready for guests.
Adrian Grenier from Entourage
It wasn't too bad and by 2pm I was done with emulsion on the ceiling and walls. It's not exactly our colour choice, we're just trying to keep it neutral and the same colour as was here when we moved in so we don't have to repaint it again in the future when we come to move out. Tomorrow I'm tackling the gloss work, which is always a joy.....not!

Anyway, taking a bit of a time-warp back to Saturday and we had been kindly invited out to the wilds of Alta Loma in Rancho Cucamonga, which was about an hour or so away East of L.A and out towards San Bernadino.
Painting the condo walls
The BBQ was held by a work colleague of Charlie's and the hostess was a fellow Brit who'd taken pity on us recent 'transplants'. We had a great time meeting their friends, including some other Brits who were over visiting, and their lovely house had the most breathtaking views of the San Gabriel Mountain Range.
San Gabriel Mountain range
On Sunday we spent the morning restoring some order to our flat in preparation for the decorating and putting things away now that we have furniture. In the afternoon I drove with Charlie in my new Honda CR-V down to Santa Monica and back and didn't do too badly, although I'm not sure if he's quite used to being my passenger yet!

As a reward, or maybe to calm his nerves, we popped along to The Abbey for an early evening cocktail with a few friends. Remembering past tequila induced hangovers I enjoyed my margarita slowly before heading home for an early night, so I'd be fresh as a daisy for my Monday morning decorating adventure.
Alta Loma below the San Gabriel MountainsOn a different note, I hope you like my new Jason in Hollywood 'header' image for my blog. I'm still loving working on it and finding it a real creative outlet now that I'm a man of leisure. For anyone who cares about such things, my Technorati blog rank has now increased to 1,166,069 from 1,910,875 at the beginning of May, so that can't be bad. Plus I've set up a Google Analytics account, so its just like the good old days at IPC Media.
California sky above the San Gabriel mountains
Anyway, best go and cook supper. Until next time...

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