Monday, June 16, 2008

It's the Cooper in Hollywood Show...

OK, I've got a few minute window to give you an update on Cooper as he's having a well earned nap (if you think he looks tired you should see me at the end of the day!).
Cooper in the land of nod
Last night wasn't too bad, but we did have a little wimpering around 2am and then took about 45 minutes to wear him out again so he would go back to sleep (and so could we).
Cooper loves his new edible rawhide bone
So 'Squirrel Watch' is officially over and now it's full-time 'Cooper Watch' and I mean full-time.  Cooper mirror image
It's Day Three in the Big Cooper House and he's starting to feel a bit more relaxed and confident here. He's exploring more and he loves the big mirrors we have about the apartment.  I believe he thinks it's either one of his brothers or another puppy, he hasn't worked out it's him yet, which is of course hilarious to watch.  
Cooper exploring
He's getting better at using his training mats and luckily hasn't had any number two accidents on the carpet yet.  Luckily the dry puppy food we're using means it's not to scary when it comes out the other end, even for me who has a really weak stomach!
Cooper and his Duckie
We've discovered that he loves ice-cubes, a trick our fellow dog owner friend suggested to help soothe his gums and to cool him down.
Cooper all smiles and dribble
He is still totally adorable and everyone who has seen pictures thinks so too.  They also say he's huge and that we'll probably have a very big dog soon.  
Cooper ball hunting
That's it for today's installment of Cooper in Hollywood, I'm sure there'll be more 'tails' to tell tomorrow, especially as we have a bed delivery from Crate & Barrell for our guest bedroom.

P.S. if anyone uses Facebook, don't forget to add Cooper to your friend list on Dogbook.

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