Thursday, June 19, 2008

Maybe the most adorable puppy in the world...

You know all those parents that tell you that their kids are are so much brighter than the other children their age and that they have read the Lord of the Rings by the time they are two, have an above average IQ and can paint like Van Gogh? 

Well fear not, I'm sure we'll soon be those same proud parents when it comes to Cooper. You have to agree, he is adorable and maybe the most adorable puppy in the entire world!!!
Jason in Hollywood, proud parent of Cooper
It's Day Six in the Big Cooper House and today we are mainly thankful for fragranced poop bags, anti-chew spray, air conditioning, nap time and jokey-colas (vodka and coke to the uninitiated).
All smiles
There's been all kinds of fun today.  Cooper has discovered he still fits under the sofa so has been disappearing under there frequently to have a little chew at the underbelly of our sofa.  I can't imagine he'll fit under there for long though, or under the table bench legs either.
How cute is Cooper?
He's also discovered the joy of chewing - everything!  Hence the anti-chew spray (although I'm not sure how effective that's proving to be).
Working that camera - he's a star in the making
Today it's been so hot, in the high 90s, so I'm so glad of the air conditioning.  It's a shame Cooper is too young to be outside in the sunshine, although even when he's older I can't imagine he'll be able to cope with this heat too much - he's so in love with the cool tiled floor.  He's also still loving those mirrors too!
Making sure he's looking good - a true gay dog
Today Charlie and I were both so tired after the last few nights of early morning interrupted sleep, which I'm sure doesn't compare to feeding a baby all through the night, but it still took me quite a few cuppas to wake up this morning.  As you can see from these fab pictures, Cooper has no problem sleeping during the day!
Asleep under the benchDozing with fluffy by the fireDeep sleeps
Did I mention he snores just like his Daddy Charlie?  He's like a little piggy grunting away (Cooper, that is).
He loves sci-fi and SFX magazine already
On the other hand I think he's also following in my footsteps and developing a love of sci-fi already - I'm so proud.

Everyone keeps telling us to make sure we take lots of pictures of Cooper whilst he's a puppy because they grow up so fast, so as you can see, that's the plan.  

I'll leave you with this picture of Jason and Cooper in Hollywood, the new Team Supreme.
Cooper and his proud Welsh West Hollywood dad
P.S. don't forget to vote for your favourite superhero.  

I forgot to include Krypto the Superdog, but I'm sure you'll see someone you're familiar with from all the recent hero movie releases - X-Men, Iron Man, Hulk, Daredevil, Batman, Superman, Spider-man, Hellboy, Elektra, Fantastic Four...

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