Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More images from Jason in New York...

So Cooper is still adorable and occupying my time 24/7 (and luckily sleeping for longer during the night), but I don't want to overload everyone with puppy pictures every day, so here's a selection of some less familiar images from last week's excursion to New York...
The Statue of Liberty viewed from The Empire State Building observation deck
Here's one of the attractions I didn't get to visit this time, The Statue of Liberty, seen from afar - it's top of my list for a return visit. With a bit more planning in advance I'm also looking forward to frequenting some super chic bars for a few fabulous cocktails and partaking of some of the fine food that New York's restaurants have to offer.
New York south view skyline from The Empire State Building
Here are a few sights from Central Park...
View from Turtle Pond in Central Park
View of Central Park South
The Monolith in Central Park NYC
Renamed the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in 1994 and located between 85th and 96th Streets at the centre of Central Park
The Pond near Central Park South
Horse drawn carriages of Central Park
And some more famous landmarks in NYC - The New York Public LibraryGrand Central Station and a closer look at The Empire State Building...
New York Public Library entrance statuesGrand Central Station
Grand Central Terminal NYC
The Empire State Building spire close up
Finally, a glimpse of where we stayed.  The Jumeirah Essex House Hotel on Central Park South.  Our room was lovely, but the bedrooms and closet space are tiny in New York.
Jumeirah Essex House Hotel bedroom
And there you have it, two days in New York in pictures.  You can find more images of New York, Broadway Musical reviews and celebrity sightings in an earlier blog installment.

After this brief interlude it's back to being chewed to pieces by Cooper.  I think I've become his favourite chew toy...

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