Saturday, June 14, 2008

A new addition to Jason's entourage...

Presenting our new adorable yellow Labrador puppy...


Introducing Cooper!He was born on the 18th April and he's just turned eight weeks old.
Jason in Hollywood welcomes Cooper into his entourageThis morning we were up at 6am and drove about an hour to choose him.  We thought that we'd be choosing from two male puppies, but when we arrived discovered that we had to choose from five of the cuties.  
Cooper loves to chewIt was so hard to decide, but the breeder knew what to do and she started to take some puppies away to make it easier for us, until we did end up with two to choose from.  Cooper definitely had more character compared to his siblings and is sure to be a real rascal.Cooper playing with CharlieHe's a Sandylands Labrador and is of British descent (so even more reason to be part of our family).  He seemed OK travelling back with us in the car and suddenly became all shy when we were back at our apartment.  I can imagine it was all big and scary not having his brothers and parents near him in a strange new place.
Cooper posing for his photo
He's had a few 'accidents' already, but he's getting better.  After a few sleeps he's getting more adventurous too.  I'm sure he'll be bounding around getting into trouble in no time at all.

Time for more sleeps...
Cooper and his toy enjoying a nap
P.S. in doggy circles he's also know as Sporticus.

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