Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our first visit to the vet...

We're just back from Cooper's first visit to his new vet and he was a very good boy.
Puppy Cooper sleeping between bench legs
We decided to choose a vet in Studio City after a recommendation from a friend, it's further away, but recommendations almost always prove to be worth more than taking a chance on the unknown.

We were about 15 minutes late after some slow traffic over Laurel Canyon, although not due to my driving I'll have you know.
Pup Cooper sleeping on his back
So Cooper was given a booster shot and a clean bill of health. He weighs 20lbs and 4oz, so we won't be carrying him for long.

So it's another shot in three to four weeks, then his rabies vaccination when he's sixteen weeks. So we have another six and a bit weeks inside the apartment before we can start taking him out and introducing him to the neighbourhood.
Pup Cooper sleeping legs akimbo
I hope you like the new pictures of Cooper sleeping - he's so cute.

You may also notice a little precaution we've taken with some silver duct tape on the join between the carpet and tile flooring. Let's just say he's chewing everything at the moment - EVERYTHING!

Funnily enough the vet mentioned that Labradors love to chew - oh, we know already.

Best get back to keeping an eye on him...

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